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Suicidal emotions:
Suicidal emotions is a game made by people who are suffering from mental illness.
A game costumized by valuable life experience and bad feelings.

The story begins where the playable main person "Rika" dies.
Now it's your destiny to find out the cause of Rika's death.
You will know that she has a traumatic experience of her life which she tried to suppress.
What are the reasons for her split personality?
Step in Rika's chronicles!

Rika, our heroine, can walk, run and ram!
There are lots of enemies which try to make your life harder!
You have 3 lifepoints before you die.
You will lose 1 lifepoint by a simple touch of the enemy.
But the enemies are killed differently and the bosses are also included in the game.
There are also lots of mysterious puzzles.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I saw this game on greenlight :P Looks interesting, subbed.
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