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Summary: Change your fate...

Embark on a journey into the unknown.

  • More than 13 levels and challenges to overcome in a fast-paced environment. Prepare to fail a lot.
  • Rich and immersive world with a dark story that combines history and fantasy. Can you unravel it all?
  • Memorable and powerful friends and foes. Some might even talk to you!
  • Harness the power of the elements and otherworldly weapons to break your way through many obstacles.
  • The World will remember your steps. Everyone travels at a different pace.
  • Multiple paths. You decide your fate.
  • Original Soundtrack composed by Chris Porter.

  • Keyboard and mouse (recommended).
  • Gamepad.

ikenie aims to be something different, an unique gaming experience where you feel a part of the world and can actually relate to it in many aspects. To achieve that, many design choices that may appear odd at first were built upon. These are what shape the game and make it stand out from other similar titles. Without spoiling much, one of the first things you will notice is that there is no game menu, or that you find yourself dying a lot! Don't panic, it is all as intended. Just keep at it!
Resuming, you'll either love it or hate it (or both). But if you can manage to reach the end, you will, hopefully, reminisce it as a gratifying walk. Now, what will you do?

Your journey begins...

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It's been a frustrating and gratifying rocky road. Now, we are finally treading on the final stage, which is of course, the release of the game. For that, I need your help. Yes, you!

All I beg ask is for you to vote 'Yes' here:


We'd really really appreciate it :3 <3

Thanks and that's all... for now :D!


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