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Accha, the carrier of a dried seed passed down in her family for generations, meets a young foreigner called Harid, who carries a similar seed.
After beating him up and enlisting his aid, along with her childhood friend, Loa, they delve into nearby ruins, following the dubious instructions of mysterious characters to unlock the secrets of their seeds and suppress the revival of an ancient evil.
Maybe. Probably. It really looks like the bad guys don't really have much of a plan.

Game details:
  • Lighthearted tone and simple plot, focused on character interaction.

  • Visible encounters across three distinct areas. Choose to fight and gather loot or skip them as you like.

  • Around two hours of gameplay. Low difficulty.

Game made for the IGMC 2015 in 3 weeks.

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
After beating him up and enlisting his aid.

Yep, that got me.
Instant display text = yes!
You gotta love it ~ will take a short break, though, hehe.
Well, I've gotten a three part Let's Play for the game recorded.

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