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Progress Report

[NEWS] 1.5.2 patch release available!

New features:


  • Windows only bug sometimes crash with rotation
  • Windows only vertical lines on floors
  • No transparency on general autotile picture
  • Double faceset in show text command
  • Error when skill have no effects
  • Error in inheritance models algorithm
  • Target offset in camera properties not working
  • Display incorrect first state of an object in map editor with model
  • Faceset dialog box option position not working

Progress Report

[NEWS] 1.5.1 patch release available!

New features:

  • French / Espanol / Português (Brasil) translations available


  • Improve image weird stretch in different resolution
  • Animation position wrong in different resolution

Progress Report

NEWS: 1.5.0 release available!

New features:

  • New behavior for frequency
  • New behavior center image in display picture command
  • Elements in battles
  • 2D animations
  • New sound effects
  • Remove sound effect in battle for skills / items
  • Option auto to change BR path
  • Copy paste delete datas (class/heroes/monsters/troops/items/skills/status/weapons/armors...)
  • Translation french / spanish / portuguese
  • Splash screen
  • Battle enemies actions (AI)
  • Effect: damage option to stock damage in a variable
  • Effect: option to temporary change target
  • Effect: Call a common reaction
  • Patreon ads
  • Modify inventory + 1 by default
  • Remove command change general options


  • Common battle commands display skill text in list
  • Crash engine with custom 3D object
  • Pictures still displayed after going back to title screen
  • Enemy sometimes attack dead allies
  • Consomable -> consumable
  • Issue with characters sprites with no equal sizes
  • Battle precision problem
  • Crash ingame when using potion outside
  • Changing state is removing reaction in object
  • Drop in battle: same item in different slot
  • Model > Hero > etat normal > complete list > cancel > cancel > Crash
  • If you have an ID > list length: error for shapes / songs
  • Transition none start battle not working
  • Infinite loading error messages
  • Crash when editing hero specific statistic
  • Full screen crash in menu states only
  • Try fix error command = null

Progress Report

NEWS: 1.4.1 patch release available!

New features:


  • Mac OSX game play testing
  • Mac OSX menu map edior bug
  • .ogg files available in import
  • Create folder pictures on existing projects
  • Replace Pictures folder name by Images
  • Event command display text: cancel auto index starts at 1
  • Send event change window height
  • Condition possessions name in tab
  • New project first map and battle map should be background blue sky color
  • Limit pixel square size to 9999
  • Black screen when no map selected instead of previous back color
  • Cursor should not move after editing map properties
  • Trying to fix duplicate object ID issue
  • Crash when selecting a model in the drop down menu inside the Models editor (Systems manager)
  • Command screen tone bug background
  • Characters ID issues
  • Set/Move/Turn a picture command not working well for zooming
  • Battle death only showing first frame
  • Saving was not recording current map
  • State default is now the first state of the object and not 1
  • Command show text crashed when only containing a number

Progress Report

NEWS: 1.4.0 release available!

New features:

  • Finish display text command (variables, properties, parameters, icons, faceset, interlocutor, text color / size, heroes names)
  • Display choices command
  • Event commands : multiple selection copy / paste everywhere
  • Command script
  • Updater help: uncheck don't show
  • Show available content checked by default and keep state in engine settings
  • Event command send event: target with object ID
  • Object moves: add detection sender
  • Sound effects: confirmation, cancel, cursor
  • Sounds attack battles / menus
  • Cursor color change to black and white
  • Patreon names automatic
  • Diagonal move (work for pixel and squares) + all other kind of moves (no direction) + fix dialog size height
  • Commands for displaying pictures
  • Command dialog box options
  • Command wait: variables/parameters/properties
  • Command conditions (input hero, hero possessions/team...)
  • Command title screen
  • Command screen tone
  • Change property command: if no property warning message
  • Command remove object from map
  • Command stop reaction
  • Complete existing tilesets
  • Command allow / forbid main menu / saves
  • Command change variables: message, switch, object in map characteristics
  • Command call common reaction
  • Cave tileset
  • Effects: minimum maximum values


  • Correct camera smooth when climbing mountains height
  • Smooth camera rotation ingame hero
  • Update OSX Qt version
  • Correct sound effect issues
  • Music and escape issue with battle music
  • Save error when object moved
  • Fixsprite objects collision not working
  • Bug saves with command

Progress Report

NEWS: 1.3.0 & 1.3.1 patch release available!


New features:

  • Documentation: event commands reorder correctly
  • Software huge code cleaning
  • Rotation for sprites and 3D objects

  • Mountains new option: force collision or non collision
  • Collisions manager: 3D objetcs and mountains
  • Choose number frames
  • New object reactions option: ignore the other received events when at least one is triggered
  • Object properties

  • Map properties: map startup reactions

  • Camera properties for map properties and battle maps

  • Detections

  • Title screen completion: video, commands list (new game, load game, options, quit, script), keyboard configuration

  • Objects moves (path when not reacting, speed, frequency)


  • Ingame windows choices work again with scroll up down
  • New class / hero / monster empty lists
  • Rename blocking hero to block hero when reaction
  • Time event not working
  • Remove copy reaction / paste reaction on objects (will be replaced by multiple commands selection)
  • Focus issues
  • Cancel collision window transform 3D objets
  • Import obj correction: ingame error + no texture crash + quads faces
  • No decimals when setting parameter value in objects
  • Crash when adding new model
  • Autotiles issue 48x48
  • Autotiles / Walls / Mountains issues in engine only for transparent parts


New features:

  • Custom shape previewer: show shape without texture


  • Ingame sound for Windows
  • Object linking issue: fix try (+ message error in case it happen again)
  • Ingame logs
  • Semi transparent sprite layer show what's behind wall
  • Semi transparent floor layered weird behavior
  • Ingame message error when use deleted class
  • Bug monster with empty loots
  • Custom object in 3D object previewer not correctly updated
  • Route: hide select object ID
  • Move random not ignoring when not possible
  • Reaction not pausing move route
  • Title screen script global variable $that
  • Rename enum options to settings in title screen commands
  • Send hero touch to detection self
  • Crash ingame when item none icon and empty description
  • 3D object center X Y issues duplication
  • Correction 3D object rotation: different behavior
  • Collisions 3D Object by default
  • Height issue going up too much high
  • Crash when empty reaction in condition/loop
  • Save states & properties ingame

Progress Report

Update 19: Event commands, conditions & switches


Hi there, this week I progressed a lot on events database.

Debug, debug, debug...

-Dialog preview zoom failed on changing image
-Drag & drop for lists: cannot be done beetween several lists
-Remake of list unselection

Event pages

The page buttons "Add", "Copy", "Paste" and "Delete" are perfectly working! The page system is exactly the same as RM series: the pages conditions' test are handled on the right to the left, and the first page with a true condition is the one displayed. Note that in the map editor, the page displayed is always the first one.

Event commands

I've done the same system than in the ruby version. To add a new command, you can simply double-click a window commands (RM system), and if you know what you are searching for you can type a keyword directly with an intelligent research. The bold command is the one selected, you can press enter or click on an option to add your command.

Here are the 3 pages commands. There will probably have some addings later.


Each page has a conditions panel. This one allows you to regroup several conditions with "And" / "Or" keywords. However this doesn't cover all the conditions possibilities (this would become horrible to implement and to see).

And for commands, here is the window for conditions:

I've done the Switches & variables and heroes pages:


Here is the event window command for changing a switch value:

And the switches panel management (where you can always drag & drop switches):

The max number is 9999. I actually wonder if I should separate in several boxes as in original RM. I'm currently not doing it because I think it's not really necessary, and also because we could not drag and drop.

That's all for now, thanks for following!

Progress Report

Update 18: Let's start events!!


Hi there! I'm very excited to start events, that means the engine is pretty well progressing. Let's see what have been done.

A new graphic included into the RTP pack: let's create a beach!

Debug, debug, debug...

-Improving textbox langage
-Improving dialog preview list (vertical scroll bar & selection display)
-Relief top: now the top of a relief is different for each different tileset
-Searching for optimizations for drawings
-Making a lot of diagrams for database organization
-Debug: listboxes with drag & drop improved (their content were not displayed if
-General database debug


This part is not completed, still in progress. A statistic can be HP, SP, MP, XP,... And even defense, power etc.

What I will keep:

-Setting the name of a statistic for each langage
-Choose the bar (if there is no bar, you can set to none), and also choose the rectangle of the filled bar (with mouse selection and / or with numerics values).


-The game over implication will be removed. The best thing to do would be to add a global game over condition into the database system, and there the user could choose when a game is over.

Also note that you can now zoom the images in the preview windows!

Database update

The system page has been divided by two pages: system and battle system. Here is the current battle system page:

Note that I had two new lists: the weapons & armors kind.


Here is a gif summarizing what have been done with events for now:

That includes:

-Graphic selection (only sprites for now), including tileset.
-Move animation applied in the event window
-You can choose the number of frames for a character (the default number could be set into the system page database)
-You can also choose if the character has diagonals special profile or not. This will add 4 new rows.
-Set frequency will speed the animation of you character
-(you can't anim tileset)

Next week...

I will work on events of course. Particularly on Conditions, creating / deleting / copying pages, and finally start the commands.

Thanks for following!

Progress Report

Update 17: Mountains #2, elements


Hi, this week there was a lot of debug. I think that for now the map editor contains a lot of great elements, so I will now progress on the database. And also I will start events soon!

-Setting algorithm to only draw visible faces of mountains
-Database: choose the type of floor there will be on top of a drawn mountain:

You can select "none" if you want nothing on top of the mountain, "floor" and select the square of the tileset, or "autotile" and select the ID of your autotile.

-Debug when there is no autotiles
-Height gestion of mountains:

-Remove a mountain (mouse picking, delete the top floor too)
-Mountain applied ingame
-Updating database:

I added elements, here are the default icons for fire, water, grass, wind, light and darkness (RTP ressources):

And you can set an element by its name and icon:

Thanks for following, see you next week! D:

Progress Report

Update 16: Relief, 3D blocks


Hi! To be honest, I didn't work at all on the project for one week (holiday & others), so I'm posting a news only now. I'll hard work this week in order to catch up my delay.

-New design for rpgpapermaker.com!

-Undo / Redo system! The system was not really efficient so I worked to remaster it. Now the system is really working well, and there will not be any problem when I will be adding new elements (montains, events, water,...)

-Adding 3D blocks! The implementation is a bit dirty now but I'll improve it this week. You can select the mountain texture in the database (relief section), this system is working like autotiles. The map editor tool bar now have a relief section:

Working like in RPG Paper Maker Ruby for the height of a block. You can also set the angle of you mountain (here 90° for a vertical mountain block). For now, only the 90° is implemented.

(note that the shadows are added manually, I will had automatic shaders later)

Well, see you next week (2th August)!
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