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APRIL UPDATES : Slowly recreating the engine!

  • Wano
  • 05/02/2016 02:38 PM
Official website

Take a look on the official website here : http://rpgpapermaker.com/.

RPG Paper Maker is now an open source engine for Windows, Linux and Mac!

The source code will always be presented. Take a look on github here : https://github.com/Wano-k?tab=repositories where I will post my works on RPM. You can contact me if you want to contribute to the project in any way.

You can also be sure that there will be a Linux and Mac version. For instance, I'm mainly working on the Windows version where the map editor is embedded into the main window! This is completely different to the Ruby version where it was a multi-window application. However, Linux users should stay on the multi-window model because the actual GTK version doesn't handle embedding. Be aware that the Window version is always more advanced than Linux version. I'm not working on Mac for now (principaly because I don't own any Mac), you'll have to wait later for that version. Some screenshots to compare :

Windows version

Linux 1.0.1 version

Commercial status and making commercial games with RPG Paper Maker

It's been a while since I've been wondering about the RPM commercial status. First, because I thought that the project was so huge that I could not handle it alone anymore. And also because I changed my mind about open source development. Now, making commercial games with RPM will be the only way you have to pay for the engine. Any game made with the engine require a license to be sold. Again, the price is not decided but still pretty low (~$20). So if you want to make games only for fun and for free, don't be affraid! I will also put a "Donate" button when my works would be enough advanced. In the "Shop" section, I will also add goodies items later!

Game sample

I'm currently working on a simple game made with MonoGame framework. You can test and have the source code here : https://github.com/Wano-k/MonoGame-3D-Game-Test.

Demo guide

When you open RPM for the first time, you'll get that window :

This a great way to discover the engine without having to see a lot of tutorials. This will show you instructions to do in several windows like this :

You can stop the demo at any time.

Current work (TODO) :

On Windows :

-Finishing the tile selector (rectangle selection with mouse, correction of frame blink while scrolling)
-Map selector : adding/deleting new directories or new maps, edit labels or map properties
-Map editor : implement mouse picking for floors

On Linux :

-Create a new project
-Open a project
-Map selector
-Open a map editor with multi-window


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Oooooooh so pretty <3! I'm very happy for you, it's looking so good so far. I believe this time things will go smoother (not only because of performance heheheh, just joking) since you defined a lot of things before, so you know how you want things to be, and can even rework the parts you had to do in a specific way because of restraints, like the map editor opening separately.

Huzzah! Cheers and good luck! Also I hope to see more of that cutey witch, looks like a good mascot for the program :^D.
You're magical to me.
What orochii said. This looks amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Best of luck! :DDDDDDDD
Hey thanks! Yep this shouldn't be so long to go to the ruby version step. At the end of that month I will pass my final exams and I will be free for coding all the time I wish. ;3

(the witch is Kate, this is a part of my self image 'cause I'm a daaaamn ginger :v !!)
Every update gets me so pumped, I wish you the best!~
I look forward to it's completion.
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