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Update 13 : Here we go again!

  • Wano
  • 06/26/2016 07:03 PM
Final exams are finished, the project can now progress quicklier. I'll try to make a news each week as I made at the begining. It's been a while without any news, mainly because of some study problems so here is a list of what have been done :

-Tileset selector for floors and sprites (however, there's a small display bug while scrolling that I can't still figure out). Of course you can resize the windows between the tileset selector and the map editor.

-As in ruby version, you can create directories and maps into the map selector. You can reorder it as you wish and rename your maps.
-Map creation/edition
-Inputs manager (working now!)

-Zoom/rotation camera, cursor moving
-Mouse picking implementation : add floors with pencil and tin of paint
-Effective way to display drawings when moving cursor
-Draw floors with cursor
-Play button to test your game (still working on it)
-Be aware that I'm principally working on the Windows version. I'd like to have something working on that plateform first. But what you can be sure for now is that the games created with the engine are compatible for Windows/Linux/Mac.
-Implementation of the same height system.
-There is a button to place your game start position, working in game :

-You can save a map. If it is not saved there is a symbol (*) after the name of the map. You can also save all the maps that have not been saved. The map is well displayed in game.
-You can set the current square size. The default value is 16 (the RTP square size).
-You can set the resolution of the game and play it on fullscreen or not.
-You can create your own colors with your own names (the selection is automatic with a winforms dialog)
-I started the langage management. I'll finish it later.
-I implemented a custom list box similar to the RPG maker one. Here is an example :

Each item has an unique ID, you can change the maximum number of items, copy/paste, edit, delete... The only difference is that you can reorder the items as you wish by draging them. In fact, you always select an item according to its ID. The order in the list doesn't matter, it's only a better way to organize your items.
-Here is the beginning of system page design :

-Background color can be set in the map properties
-Beginning of tilesets management :

-So I made a preview picture dialog :

There is the same RTP system. There can be options on the right. You can even choose your RTP folder on options. I will talk about passage collision, autotiles etc on the next update.
-Correction of flash effects on scrolling for tileset selector for the map editor

That's all for this week, thanks for following my work. :)


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It makes me so excited to see progress on this engine. I will patiently wait for its release but the more you show the harder it gets.
Well, I think this is progressing quickier than before xD. It's getting closer to what you had in Ruby.

Overall nice progress! Keep up the good work!
Yup next week I'll get all what I've done in Ruby version! And this looks so much more professional.
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