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Update 17: Mountains #2, elements

  • Wano
  • 08/02/2016 09:35 PM

Hi, this week there was a lot of debug. I think that for now the map editor contains a lot of great elements, so I will now progress on the database. And also I will start events soon!

-Setting algorithm to only draw visible faces of mountains
-Database: choose the type of floor there will be on top of a drawn mountain:

You can select "none" if you want nothing on top of the mountain, "floor" and select the square of the tileset, or "autotile" and select the ID of your autotile.

-Debug when there is no autotiles
-Height gestion of mountains:

-Remove a mountain (mouse picking, delete the top floor too)
-Mountain applied ingame
-Updating database:

I added elements, here are the default icons for fire, water, grass, wind, light and darkness (RTP ressources):

And you can set an element by its name and icon:

Thanks for following, see you next week! D:


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This all looks really great, I am really excited to see the amount of progress on this engine.
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