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Bug Fix and a Very Positive Review *Update Your Downloads*

Short blog post addressing two things:

1) There were a few reports of players coming across a rather nasty bug. Sometimes when the player dies they...stay in the infirmary until time runs out on one of the endings. Whoops! It doesn't seem to happen often as I never came across it when playtesting but this cannot be allowed to stand! The new downloads SHOULD alleviate the problem. However, if you come across this issue and you downloaded after this blog post went up please contact me and let me know! Bugs are no good.

2) Someone at gamerbolt is reviewing and playing IGMC games and came across my game Half-Off Hero! Turns out he was rather fond of it and gave it a 52/70 (62/70 without the 10 point bug deduction) and called it "nearly perfect". :D Which is awesome to hear! You can check it out at the link below: