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This is a 2015 IGMC entry! You can vote for it here if you want to~


Waking up in a strange version of her home city, Greater Aelfort, Kisha Everett finds herself looking into a thick fog. Upon entering this fog, Kisha is whisked away to view a memory of an event past. Here, she watches herself accepting help to find her daughter for the second time from one mystery lady in yellow. Before long, Kisha learns that the space she's found in is inexplicably connected to time itself and has the potential to even change the moments it's connected to.

Kisha is ecstatic, but nervous. In order to give this city the power it needs to help her daughter, Kisha will have to overcome herself and experience her own painful past all over again.

Featuring a simple, friendly battle system, There's Beauty in the Bleeding is a game about motherhood and the struggles being unapologetically individual can present. And, of course, the valuable and earnest relationships that it can foster. Be prepared for magic, daily life, and a tale with an abundance of highs and lows.

Save Orelia

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  • 08/08/2015 09:31 PM
  • 06/10/2016 01:26 AM
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You're definitely right, the problems with time were... a problem.

We do have plans to fix it up. We'll probably add some things too! I certainly would feel better if you waited~
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Is this a IGMC entry? If so you should mark it as such, Liberty is trying to avoid them here so there is no inference of bias.

Also a link back to the official entry so people can vote for it.
@nhubi Done! Thanks for the advice~<3
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
No problem, now I know which playlist to add it to, and good luck!
there's beauty in those gorgeous tilesets
there's beauty in those gorgeous tilesets

They are, indeed, beautiful~

They're parallaxes, by the way!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
So any idea when an updated download will be available here?
So any idea when an updated download will be available here?

I hope for a local download too.
There will be a download some time in the future promise! I'm trying to give the story the gameplay it deserves ^.^

I can also give a local download of the current version, but it's pretty iffy right now and I don't want to turn anyone off from it. :P
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