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A top-down point and click action game built in Unity for the IGMC 2015 Contest. Although the IGMC version is done, there's lots of polish, work, and things to do, so this project is considered in production.

1. Randomly generated Dungeons and Equipment
2. 3 Classes to play, each with unique skills
3. Diablo/MOBA style gameplay
4. Character stat and weapon customization

As a note, there are "Crystals" you use to apply custom stats or features to your weapons and armor, although the the stat ones (STR+, or Power, etc) are obvious, there are a couple that might be a bit harder to figure out, here's a list:

Teleport: Uses instant teleport instead of Dash.
Healthy: Health Regen speed +1%
Active: Energy Regen speed +2%
Immovable: Can't be knocked back
Reach: Attack hit radius +10%
Concentration: Attack duration +20%
Accurate: Projectile speed +20%
Invulnerable: When Dashing can't be damaged
Master: 10%/per point of blocked damage isn't blocked
Swift: Slow effects don't affect you
Acuity: Slow time effect is 10% slower
Resilient: Poison effects are reduced for each point
Deadly: Increase duration of the poison by 0.5s per point
Dash: How far a Dash takes you, +1 for each point
Focused: Can't be interrupted while casting
Athlete: Increases move speed by 0.5 per point

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