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Ellie Starling's Very Long Walk is a magical girl fantasy RPG. Step into the shoes of our hero, Ellie, an unconventional 11-year old girl fed up with her small-town life and small-minded family. Ellie runs away from home only to find herself in a world of magic and fantasy like something out of her favorite books. When she finds a mysterious green stone shaped like the shield on her charm bracelet, she kicks off a journey that will take her across the world and into the farthest reaches of her imagination.

-Explore the magical world of Idjarden and unlock the secrets of the Aegis Stones
-Collect the 7 elemental Aegis Stones and transform into unique magical forms
-Story told through 100% original hand-drawn art and pixel graphics

Latest Blog

Demo is out now!

It’s Tuesday, which is horrible! Here’s something to make it better. I’ve got a DEMO of ELLIE STARLING’S VERY LONG WALK for you.

This demo takes you through the opening of the game, to a little ways past the first dungeon. You’ll meet the other characters in Ellie’s team and get the first Aegis transformation.


Please please let me know if something doesn’t work. Known issues with this demo include:
- Combat is not in the game yet. This means there are no random battles, and the handful of plot-required battles will go down in one hit. It should be impossible to take damage in the demo.
- As a side effect of the above there’s not much in the way of items. Every chest has a Potion in it. There will eventually be some cool stuff in these chests.
- After clearing the first dungeon on your way back to the village, there are three conversations that occur on the path. The last one is bugged, and you can repeat it by walking over the same tiles repeatedly.
- There’s a pretty long bit of lag on the title screen. It has to do with the animation. If the music is still playing just be patient and it should come up eventually.

You should not need the RTP for this game.
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  • everybear
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 08/11/2015 03:50 AM
  • 02/06/2021 01:54 AM
  • 12/31/2016
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I'm a bit surprised this game hasn't gotten more attention. One would think the custom artwork alone would have attracted a comment or two. And, if that wasn't enough the game does feel like it has some very heartfelt moments even within the demo. Though, I suppose the lack of a properly thought out combat system was enough to keep most people away.

Graphical Glitch
- If you head into the chamber with the spirit of the forest and then had back into the previous room the Gnawbold that took the forest aegis will pop back up in his previous starting position.

Event Glitch
- You can acquire your notebook twice
Thanks for pointing those out. I've fixed them in the main program now.

It also looks like I need to make the forest spirit room a little more intuitive. The idea is to guide the player to the center of the room for the event but it ended up seeming like there was a barrier blocking the entire path.

I made some pronunciation guides for the Elvish stuff you had some trouble with.
1) Graenan Drach - grain-ahn drahk
2) Ollifred D'theryn Al'mantche III - all-ih-fred di-there-en al-manch The Third

Thanks for making the video. It was pretty strange to actually see someone else playing the game after I've spent so long working on it. I hope you liked it, even though the combat system isn't ready yet. Sorry about all the potions. I promise there will be some cool stuff in those chests eventually.
I seriously thought for a second that it said "Emo Version"
I'm really surprised that this hasn't gotten more attention than it has. The demo is fantastic and the visuals are definitely a labor of love.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
It's a great game, I'm just waiting for the full version before I unleash the review beast from its cage.

This is an interesting game! I wanna play the full version~!
Welllllllll we all may have to wait some time for the full version.

The demo is about 1/5 of the full game, if everything sticks to my outline. Beyond the demo, maps and events for the next 1/5 are about halfway done.

Im glad people are interested! I'll try to post some screenshots or something as I get the new areas done.
is now 2021, where the complete game originally out in 12/31/2016?
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