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Demo is out now!

It’s Tuesday, which is horrible! Here’s something to make it better. I’ve got a DEMO of ELLIE STARLING’S VERY LONG WALK for you.

This demo takes you through the opening of the game, to a little ways past the first dungeon. You’ll meet the other characters in Ellie’s team and get the first Aegis transformation.


Please please let me know if something doesn’t work. Known issues with this demo include:
- Combat is not in the game yet. This means there are no random battles, and the handful of plot-required battles will go down in one hit. It should be impossible to take damage in the demo.
- As a side effect of the above there’s not much in the way of items. Every chest has a Potion in it. There will eventually be some cool stuff in these chests.
- After clearing the first dungeon on your way back to the village, there are three conversations that occur on the path. The last one is bugged, and you can repeat it by walking over the same tiles repeatedly.
- There’s a pretty long bit of lag on the title screen. It has to do with the animation. If the music is still playing just be patient and it should come up eventually.

You should not need the RTP for this game.
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