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* 3 Changeable characters on each team
* Power Up
Appears randomly in either of the two predetermined positions after
every 30 seconds
* Power up gives the specific character who picked it up run faster and hit harder
* Game Modes (Time, Raise To)
* Time
Whoever scores more in the set amount of time wins. Players can choose the exact
time in minutes
* Raise To
Whoever scores the set amount first wins. Players can choose the exact goal (pun

Player 1: Player 2:
Move: WASD Move: Arrow Keys
Change Character: V Change Character: /

Known Bugs
Ball bouncing into and getting stuck in walls
Blue arrow not following player
*Haven't been able to recreate these seemingly one time bugs and hence no fixes could be implemented

* Graphics and music from Mother 3
* Sounds form freesound.org

Follow my work at:
YouTube: https://cutt.ly/ZmROcSm
Instagram: https://cutt.ly/HmYvwDX
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KhaliCanvasStudios

Latest Blog

Constructive feedback for this game please

I made this game a while ago and just realized that I whould really get some comstructive feedback for this to figure out my faults and get ideas and stuff.

Its a local 2 player gamw so grav a buddy! Write a review, text me, comment here, fine, with it all.

Thank you
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