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Minimalist football

TiFA is a three a side football game, apparently played indoors like five a side. The name is presumably a play on FIFA (the international football association, and a licensed series of video games), as well as a character from Final Fantasy.

It's a browser game, with no download required. This is good, but makes things like controller support difficult.

It takes its looks from the 8-bit era, and mostly stays consistent with this. One exception is the score board and opening mode select screen which use default fonts. Making the score board use a pixel font and centering the text vertically in the space available would help. The sprites themselves are Mother 3 rips according to the game page.

Mechanics follow sports sim games. You directly control one player, and the game indicates a second player you can quickly switch control to with a keypress. The visual indicator is clear, but the mechanic falls down because the uncontrolled players just stand in place and the next player has a fixed sequence rotating through the three players on your team.
Sports sims are not a type of game I normally play, so I might have this wrong. But I think they normally change the "next player" contextually so you can switch to the player in position to intercept / tackle / receive a pass.
Some sort of basic AI for the uncontrolled players would help, even if it's just moving the "striker" back to midfield, or moving the defenders to cover the goal (but not so well that you wouldn't have an advantage in switching to direct control to actually save a goal).

Controls are 8-way movement plus a button to switch player. Kick the ball in the direction of movement by running into it. In this game, there are no "out of bounds" rules so you can make trick shots by bouncing the ball off a wall, like in real tennis. The ball has vector movement, so if it's already moving when kicked, the angle of the kick is added to the existing motion in the manner of a pool ball.

I found the player hitbox to be on the small side when interacting with the ball, though it's about right for collisions with other players. If it's possible to have multiple hitboxes in this game engine, this would be worth considering.

It's rather difficult to kick the ball in a direction other than the one you're moving, or control your kicks. It is possible to change direction at the last moment and kick the ball at an angle, but this is very difficult to execute. In any case, the game is not set up to enable passing play.

Powerups drop every so often in the squares above and below the center kick off spot. The player who collects a powerup moves faster and kicks harder, which should be an advantage, but makes the ball even harder to control.

At the moment, this is more of a tech demo of some of the basic mechanics needed for a football game than a complete game. As a demo, I have not scored this review.