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So, this is my 3rd game introduced on RMN.
As you can see in the game title, the game will be in full English !
ALJotS is mainly an RPG game with a bit of comedy (less than Sorcelleria).

Main protagonists:
- Alister Manstred, aged 20
His father, Hugh, was a famous captain. He ceased exploring seas for an unknown reason. Hugh will borrow his ship to Alister. Hugh's son will take the huge responsability to seek for the Treasure (with a capital T, you'll see why below).

- Minerva Victory, aged 19
Alister's girlfriend. She will never let him down ! That's why she joined him in his journey.

There'll be more characters, but I only planned Alister & Minerva for now.

Other important characters:
There's not so much content, so there's nothing here for now !

Main plot:
For ages, many legends have related a fabulous treasure in high tide waters. Books say that the treasure can fulfill anyone's dreams. An unestimable loot.
Many and many sailors and pirates tried to find it.
However, most of them paid of their life.

Well, that's the prologue of the game, so it should be enough for the main plot, shouldn't it ?

Gameplay features:
- Overworld system (similar to Sorcelleria)
- Quests !
- Lots of items/weapons/gears !

Game credits:
- Scripts
-- Modern Algebra, for his Quest Journal
-- Yanfly, for his Message System and his Parallax Lock
-- Hime, for his Camera Target

- Graphics
-- RPG Maker VX Closet (for battlers)
-- Donjon.bin.sh (generated world map)
-- Mundo RPG Maker (tilesets)
-- Ayene-chan (tileset)
-- TheStoryteller01 (tileset)
-- Fflo (custom-made title screen)

- Audio
-- Aaron Krogh (some BGMs)
-- Nintendo (the victory ME from Super Smash Bros Melee)

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoy this description ! Stay tuned !

Latest Blog

IMPORTANT ! Download link fixed

I saw that some of you already downloaded the demo and couldn't play it because of transparency and wrong start location.
It's corrected now. Download the corrected 0.1.a version of ALJotS and let the adventure begin !
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  • 08/19/2015 03:30 PM
  • 02/06/2016 11:52 AM
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Downloaded and started to play. I cannot see any character moving, just the dungeon. Please help!!!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
that sounds like a bug rather then something you'd need help for :3
did not script the start location correct i guess.
Yeah an oversight with incorrect starting location at the moment. Encrypted file so we can't do anything about it until a new DL either. A scene starts if you move north but you get KOd by an impossible battle.
Be careful ! I'm French
Mistake corrected. Download the 0.1.a version.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts Ver 0.1.a
mc is a douche he says "you will miss me" not a question!

where is your sprite? i don't see a purple haired guy anywhere

why are they looking away from the ship!?

i can see water thru the ship! amazing! its translucent!

was this translated from french? or french developer?

i like that quest script!

Akisa the average American too lazy to walk a couple houses down to do something XD and the store clerk which gives you who ordered object without id or such XD must be the times! LD

the mayor lives in this town alone? and just asks some random person to do something for him!?
what is wrong with the people in this world!? they are all lazy and arrogant scum!

the mines were terrible,want something that negates random battles. the maze is enough!
especially something mandatory and early in the game! this is the kind of thing for epic gear as a reward for frustration.
not to mention im fairly certain some or all of the mines were ripped from another game i have played.

i was surprised that the male mc asked if you could talk. he seemed like a utter scumbag intent on ruining other peoples lifes

oh never mind he is a scumbag :D

it warped you to the front of town! i liked that!

General 40+ minutes
if i could get something to remove random battles when i am not in the mood for them and fix the dialog a bit.this would be a ok game.
at this point in time.
i don't like the characters or plot. and you have no skills so the battles are stale.
nothing stands out in this to me.
actually,correction! i enjoyed the quest menu and the mario styled movement on the world map! was a cool idea!

its a demo, tho expect it to be a ok game when finished.
So, I have taken to playing this demo, and I don't exactly have much good to say on it.

The Bad:
-Right off the bat, the English (translation?) is an eyesore. In the first two or three bits of texts in the prologue I spotted several errors that near-immediately took me out of the feeling of wanting to hunt down the treasure and be part of the adventure. The dialogue doesn't suit much better, either. I would highly recommend finding someone who speaks fluent, and proper, English and have them do a revision on what I assume to be translation. Even if it isn't, a little revision will go a long way.

-The plot is... nonexistent? Doesn't make much sense? The prime example I can think of off the top of my head is when you can actually start moving around as the character. The prologue states that the father, Hugh, convinced you (the son) to go on this adventure, yet the dialogue has him questioning the son as whether or not he's sure he "plan(s) on leaving today". Like, what? That's a contradiction. What even is the reason behind Hugh convincing his son to seek the treasure? Why does the son not question it?

Additionally, the first thing you're greeted with at the Sunset Eagle Island is the mayor, who asks you (a total stranger) to retrieve an emblem from a dark-clothed woman in a mine... Who does that? You say nothing to the guy, and he immediately asks the first person that comes to port to do a rather dangerous mission? Also, contradictory to the title, you don't spend very long at sea. Lol. All I've gotten from the plot, as a whole, is that I'm off to find some treasure, my girlfriend came alone because "Why not?" (quoting to the main character), and we're helping a total stranger get back a pendant that has unknown purpose and value as a mere favor.

-The lack of abilities/spells is annoying, frankly. There isn't much more to say on that. If you aren't intent on having abilities/spells, however, that's fine... just take that out of the menu, like you should with the 'save' option.

-Atmospherically, there is no music anywhere aside from whenever you enter battle (to which I do give credit: The music selection is well-done). I also noted that the noise of the ocean outside could be heard as clearly as if you were standing right next to it. That isn't good and needs changed. It's also, I think, out of place to have the villain spout a single line of dialogue, albeit before battle, while literally everybody else remains silent. I'd recommend making up your mind on whether or not you're going to have everyone have a voice or not. It's really out of place to have just a few people with a voice.

The Good:
-Like I mentioned already, the music choice is nice for where music exists (only in battle).

-The map of the mine you go into is pretty well-made. I like it a lot and felt as though it actually was a mine of sorts. Though, it looks abandoned; I'd have assumed the town would be using it for something? Keep it in some good shape? I dunno.

-Speaking of maps: The World Map is pretty nicely-made. I like how it's a grid-esque map and has "Random Event" spaces (the one that exists doesn't work when you first go over it, by the way). It reminds me a lot of Mario Party.

As it stands right now, I wouldn't play this demo again, nor have much anicipation for the full release. I give this a 2/5 rating.
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