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Alice: The 1st Story [First Half Released]

I've decided to release basically the first portion of the game.
I'm unsure if I'll be releasing the second half any time soon as I haven't been working on it, and I didn't like the overall quality of what I made for it.
Completion time depends on what path you take (1-2 hours).

The second act I may work on in the future, but as of now this will be the only thing available for now.

If there are any bugs, please let me know so I can update the game.
A big thanks to FamedKilljoy for testing Mori's route.

Keep in mind the download does not contain RTP data.

Progress Report

11/8/2016 Progress Report

Progress: 35-40%.

Currently working on the Duchess' Palace, which is simply an intermission.
Afterwards, I'll be working on Act 2 once I finish a short animation for the game.

I'll be removing the outdated demo now and uploading new images, as well.

Have a great day!

Progress Report

8/9/2016 - Progress Report

Due to (unfortunate) events in real life, I've been working on remaking the game.
I've changed the art style and the environments drastically, so the demo here is now outdated. However, I won't be removing it just yet since the concept is still the same.

List of features:
*Random events/cutscenes based on your replies
*Affection system
*4 Planned endings
*Several bad ends

Compared to the previous version of Alice, the tone of the game may be darker now.

Here is what the new art style looks like:

Have a good day, folks!

Progress Report

11/20/15 - Progress Report

- Almost done with the Duchess's Palace Section
- Major quests now have a 'Sin' route and a 'Sinless' one
-New areas to be added: Valley of Tears and Finale.

Also, for those having trouble with this section. . .

Left is not always right.

Say hi to Khas's Light Effects!


Alice Demo 0.1.1 - 9/9/2015

New demo is out!
Nori's route is now playable and there are a few new optional areas to explore.



A portion of Alice has now been released for testing!
If you want to be a tester, leave a message!

Possible length is 2 hours.
Honestly depends on if you're lost and whether or not you explore.

Progress Report

Current Progress

(8/29) - Upcoming -
1) Will be releasing a new demo of the game with fixed bugs and new locations.
2) I still need testers! If you're interested then leave a comment or message me.

Thank you to those who have reported bugs! Please report more if you find any.

(8/25) - Unreleased data -
1) Everything prior to the tea party has been altered.
2) The schizophrenic Mad Hatter and Tulip are now in the game along with new areas.
3) Dialogue has been changed a bit.


Alice Demo

Small early alpha demo has been re-released without RTP data.
I suggest trying to get into Nayu's route since he has an extra
area to explore, although it's completely optional.

I need testers, as well.
Leave a suggestion, criticism, or any ideas you'd like to share.

Forgot to include my excel sheet giving credit to people whose tilesets, music, and so on that I've used. It'll be included in the next version along with a walkthrough.

For now this will do:
Walkthough- https://docs.google.com/document/d/18fniIhwJ-ztI6ZktPEZURSqOW6Jubo5_Cmjd_45-0Wk/edit?usp=sharing

Credits - https://docs.google.com/document/d/108jhror6a4gqBCieyCdUVrTNQWlYlPq254ssmlek4NI/edit?usp=sharing

Known bugs -
Daisy's Tulip Quest isn't working.
You can still progress but you'll be forced to kill her due to that.
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