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Ruin Frontier 0 Released!

  • 08/22/2015 07:27 AM
Hello everyone, Team Out of Time is happy to present to you our creation for IGMC 2015, Ruin Frontier 0. This is a stand alone game that takes place in the same setting as our last project, Ruin Frontier. Anyone who played that game should feel right at home here, though you may find that many of the mechanics have changed.

The game available here has some updates over the IGMC version such as bug/passability fixes, balance fixes, and additional items, but content wise is the same. The original version is available in the link above if you'd like to play that version instead and judge our product accordingly. We have possible plans to expand this game, but we won't be acting upon them until judging for the contest has ended. We will, however, fix any bugs discovered and upload newer versions as needed.

We definitely appreciate any feedback, and we hope you enjoy your time in the Frontier!