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A cool story

The story of Blank Dream is really interesting, maybe not too original but great and well done. The character of Mishiro is well designed, she’s not the classic “hero” that you will encounter when you play a game. I think she’s something like an “anti-hero” character and I really appreciate that concept. Also I think it's a really well done game.

Ryotaro, Yuzu and Ayato seems great characters too, but I’d like to know more about their personalities and pasts because this can improve the story and the game. Maybe it will be interesting if in Yuzu and Ryotaro’ mirros you could interact and see what happened like you do with Mishiro’s mirrors. This can improve the game.

The puzzles are simple but not too easy to beat, that’s a good thing for people that doesn’t appreciate complicated things, but also the route to unblock the “true ending” isn’t simple. For me it’s important that you can resolve easily the main puzzles but if you want the real end you have to search a little more. But maybe something a little more difficult will attract more players.

I didn’t like too much the graphic of the characters sprite, because I don’t think that they completely fit the atmosphere and the graphic of the enviorment, buti t isn’t a real problem, it’s only my esthetical opinion.

Even if the game was realesed almost three years agoo, I think that it can bu improved by little changes, like other puzzles (a little more difficult), more cutscene and, why not, something more about Tamaki, Mishiro's grandpa and family.

I hope that the author created more game like this one.
I recomended it to my friends, especially the ones that like RPG horror games like me.