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This game was made for the McBacon Jam #2

For as long as humanity has existed, they live supported by the Flow: a constant pulse of mana that enriches the earth, enabling humanity to thrive. Thought to be a gift from the gods themselves, the Flow's balance of light and dark energy is maintained by a ritual conducted every thousand years: Two humans are selected by the gods to be the Scions of Order and Chaos. Armed with divine and demonic weapons, the two must battle to the death. The victor's weapon, bathed in the blood of the other Scion's, would infuse the Flow with the power of light or darkness, and balance would be restored for another thousand years.

Now, however, that ritual threatens to be disrupted with the choosing of the new Scions.

Two lovers, Eir and Brynhildr, have been chosen as this cycle's Scions. In order to restore the Flow, they must battle to the death. Disgusted and mortified at being given such a horrible task by the gods, they cannot bring themselves to kill each other. However, if they do nothing, the Flow will eventually fall so far out of balance that the entire world will be consumed.

Unsure of their path forward, the two are approached by the fairy Lifa, who offers them a way out: Travel to Asgard, home of the Flow itself. Perhaps there lies a way to restore the balance of the Flow directly without the need for a sacrifice?

And so Eir and Brynhildr defy the orders of their gods and set off on their own. What awaits them at the end of this lonely road? Salvation? Damnation? Or something else entirely?

Currently very early in development.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Team Yuri already started making their game and possibly made 30 minutes of progress.

We are still trying to decide what to make.
made 30 minutes of progress.

I really like the look of this story! And, ooh, them arts! I can't wait until you finish Team Yuri~
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
This is not marked as commercial? its surprising as i have seen rtp only that people wanted to sell. and they even had broken game play.
that aside those pictures are beautiful! if only i had artist talent....people say you can get good at anything you set your mind to but i disagree its a mix of hard work and natural talent when it comes to skills like art.of course it helps to have parents that support creativity from a young age as well.

anyway! good luck with this project! ill be looking forward too it!
Maybe it's because (spoilers)
I've played Bravely Default
but I do NOT trust Lifa's grin, at all. :< The game looks gorgeous though!
You're magical to me.

I still haven't played Bravely Default yet. ;_;
I actually think none of us played in fact ahahahah
But I really dig BD's artstyle! Akihiko Yoshida is one of my personal favourite artists and biggest inspirations!

Also thanks guys :D
We're working hard to deliver a game that will provide you with at least a fun time /^w^)/

And @shayoko, if you put work and time into it, you can definitely do it!
Try this book!

But it WILL NEED a LOT of effort. I for one draw every day and it's been years. But as long as you put your heart into it you will constantly evolve!
Thanks! /^w^)/*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Alright... i'm into it... good luck...
I know the deadline isn't until the 16th, but why is this on hiatus? I'm a big admirer of everyone involved in this project and was looking forward to it quite a bit.
You're magical to me.
Unfortunately, there were some issues within the team, and the game has been brought to a halt. I can't say if it'll ever be resumed, but it seems unlikely, I'm sad to say.
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Pretty much what unity said. Though I hope a time eventually comes when we eat our words, it's certainly not during the jam.
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