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What better way to spend an evening than gathered around listening to a classic tale of a brave hero saving a princess from a sinister demon lord bent on ruling the world? Sure, it may be the same story you've heard time and time again, but don't old stories get better with age?

So here we find our usual crew. A hero, a demon lord, and a princess all congregating to tell the story of the hero's triumph and the defeat of a great evil. Everyone here know their role and exactly how to carry it out. But what happens when the story doesn't go exactly as we know it? What if someone were to rewrite the story to something no one within it knows how to enact? Who's responsibility is it to put the story back on its track and find the happy ending we all know and love?

Brave Hero Yuusha is a satirical love-letter to an older, simpler time of role-playing games when one's mission was solely to rid the world of a great evil and save the land. But nobody would be content if we played such a thing straight. Instead, players can look forward to a trope-shattering romp built with visuals heavily inspired from older RPGs; namely Dragon Quest, Hydelide, and Destiny of an Emperor, with extra emphasis on the former. Arm yourselves to the teeth and face off against a rogue's gallery of monsters and strange creatures as you journey to piece this broken narrative back to the way it should be!

The full game is now available for download. You do not need the Ace RTP to play!



CaitSith's Vehicle Passability 1.1

CP's Pop-ups

Custom Resolution
Matt Sully aka "Gump"


Programmer: Yami (Cuong Nyugen)

Minimum Damage

Minimum Steps

Mithran's Text Cache

Victor Basic
Victor Frames

Victor Sant

Yanfly Battlebacks
Yanfly Messages
Yanfly Slippery Tiles


Zerbu's Text Sound


Lead Developer: SgtMettool
Music and Sound: SpecialAgentApe
RPG Maker VX Ace Engine- Enterbrain

Like the OST? You can listen to it HERE!

Latest Blog

Brave Hero Yuusha EX is now free on itchio!

Hey all! This is mostly a copypaste of the other blog post on Soma Spirits, BUT!

Going forward, Brave Hero Yuusha EX, the remastered version of this game, is Name Your Own Price on itchio. (And Soma Spirits: Rebalance)

I think these versions have been out for long enough that they should be made more accessible. I do want to note that this is something that has been in consideration for quite a while and isn't a reflection of how well Soma Union is performing. But I'd rather see the games find a wider audience rather than just sit there as they have been.

Please note that the Steam versions are currently unaffected by this change. Please only buy those versions if you want the added Steam benefits or want to support the devs!

So if it's your first time diving into either of these games, I hope you'll enjoy them!
  • Completed
  • Sgt M
  • SpecialAgentApe (Composer)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 09/02/2015 09:28 PM
  • 09/04/2021 02:27 PM
  • 09/27/2015
  • 162130
  • 61
  • 2684



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Got Dang this game is cute as hell. Does Libby wanna play? Yes she does!
Brave Hero Brave Hero?
Love that title :D

You got it! There's a demo available with the first ten minutes of the game. :D
"My father told me this would happen."
Goddamit Mettool you keep making the games I want to make only way better.

I loved the demo!
Well, I just gave this a play! It was actually pretty cool -- the writing was very good, it made me smile a bunch. <3

Battles were p simplistic for now, which was kinda dull for me...? I know this is supposed to be in the style of NES rpgs, but eeehhh, the "do damage until enemy dies and then heal in between" formula doesn't really do it for me anymore. I'd love to see future releases of the game play around with some more interesting skills that mess with buffs/debuffs and status effects.

The aesthetic was spot on! Even the music was perf -- a lot of these 8-bit games don't sound quite right, but this sounded like the real deal! So good on you for that~

Overall this was a lovely experience, and I look forward to seeing what you do in the full game. This has a real dandy concept and is wonderfully executed~
I'm glad that you enjoyed the demo! :)

I actually do have status effects in the game, but they're more prominent after the first dungeon. But you bring up a good point and I'll definitely toy with the idea of introducing them earlier to give the combat system a bit more depth from the get-go.
Ooh, hey, well this is good to know~ Well hey, now I extra can't wait to play more! <3
Brought many memories of Phantasy Star and Dragon Warrior back from my past. Loved the demo!

The music was perfect, it actually sounded like a classic game with custom tunes and melodies. I even noticed that the boss tune had the battle theme thrown in there. I love when games do that sort of thing.

The humor was just enough to keep it fun while playing. I can definitely see me playing this entire game front to back quickly once it has been completed.

Subscribed and eagerly awaited!
"wait you made this a career?"
I was never able to play the demo cause I was busy but I'm enjoying this!
Something small to fix under the cut.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
This game has surprised me in a lot of ways so far. That track during Edward's bit is pretty eerie... I hope nothing bad happens to him in the future. :<
I'm really glad my music guy was able to evoke that kind of emotion! He was pleased to hear that.

Also unrelated, I've been compiling a list of bugs people have found. Thankfully, there's not many of them and they're all pretty much harmless graphical errors, but if you find something and want to avoid a duplicate report, here is what we have so far (nothing spoilery, don't worry):

1.0 Bug List:

- The Blue Horn has no description.
- Opening the skill menu while affected by a status effect makes an icon of said status effect float in the middle of the screen.
- A typo during the first cutscene in Duneport.
- Refresh cures Poison, Blind, and Silence. You obviously can’t use this while Silenced. Whooooops.
- The music in the cave doesn’t loop exactly on point.
- Using an item in battle has a weird graphical error where the window doesn’t refresh after selecting an item. This might have something to do with Luna Engine and I need to really dive into this one to figure out what’s going on. This is harmless, and you will not use the wrong item.
- The characters seem to go “under” the two boulders when jumping on them in the first dungeon.
- Typo in Taunt's description.
- Typo in the scene before Izwold.
Well, I've started a Let's Play for the game.

The dang sliding on the ice puzzle is thwarting me. You're sure this is possible to solve right :P

Nevermind, I got it. All I had to do was complain and I solved it right away.
I've updated the game to Version 1.01. This is not a mandatory update if you have the game already, as it mostly just fixes graphical errors and typos. Old saves will still work just fine if you do decide to move them over.

Changes in 1.01:


-Refresh heals Burn instead of Silence and now works outside of combat.

Non-gameplay affecting:
- Various typos have been fixed.
- Misplaced status effect icons in menus have been fixed.
- The two boulders in the Demon Lord's castle can now be walked on as opposed to having to interact with them.
- Cave music should now loop properly.

Still needs fixing:
- The window error when using an item in battle. This one might take me a little while so I wanted to get everything else out of the way first.

Hi, I'm near the End of the game and still missing the last medal.
I entered each suspicion looking spot, opened each chest I came across, found the star-shaped rock formation in the ocean and even got the medal of the trapped villager in the volcano = 19 Moon medals...
Where's the last?

I thought first in the ice cave, but you cannot enter the last part again.

Just found a little island over the brigde to Landia Castle with a suspicious spot!

And when you found the Lavateter (?), it says, there are 4 of them. Found only this one and gave it away for the medal. The lava hurts much and your HP=1 after a few steps. A fight at the wrong time could kill you.
Just found 3 more in my inventar.

Found no serious bug so far or I would have mentioned it.

Just beat the game with Lv 28.
It's ScoopJohn from the Starmen.net forums.
This game is one who made me start planning my fangame, so, in other words, did you script the modified battle HUD? I might need somebody who can do a EarthBound Beginnings look-a-like battle HUD for my fangame. :P
It's ScoopJohn from the Starmen.net forums.
This game is one who made me start planning my fangame, so, in other words, did you script the modified battle HUD? I might need somebody who can do a EarthBound Beginnings look-a-like battle HUD for my fangame. :P

The battle HUD, and anything else modified in the UI, was built entirely with the Luna Engine scripts. :)
I'm a dog pirate
swag m80

I'll have to check this out.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Why am I the only one having trouble with this part of the game?? :)

Almost done and really enjoyed this game. I like grinding so after few levels I began my quest to beat up every critter in the game :)

In the start of the last dungeon...I think. Where you slide around.
I got the chest and I think two pages.
But right about in the middle of the screen, you need to go up into the next room and I can't figure out the combination of moves to go through the opening at the top.

Can I get a little help please ? :)
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