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Aria's Story 2.0 [New Endings]

Aria’s Story 2.0 is now available in english and spanish!
It contains new endings, a bonus room, new scenes and a new character!


-Added 2 new endings: Good Ending and Bad Ending 2.
-The original Bad Ending has been expanded with more content. Now it’s also called Perfect Ending.
-A Bonus Room has been added.
-A new character, Wendy, has been added.
-5 new tracks have been added, that will be used in the new endings.
-There’re new scenes in the game.
-There’re 4 new CGs.
-Horror section has been updated with some new things, making it a bit scarier.
-Adjusted the darkness of most of the maps, specially the corners, making the exploration easier.
-Updated some of the maps.

You’ll see most of the new content once you reach the horror chapter, but there’s at least one new scene in every chapter!

More information about how to obtain the new endings can be found here!

Thank you so much for all the support!!!


New Update

Hello! Thank you for playing Aria's Story!

I want to announce that I'm currently working on a new update for the game. Some of the changes:

-Updated maps (Fixing the darkness, it's currently difficult to see the exit of most of the maps, so I'll fix that)
-New scenes
-More screentime for Dahlia and Clyde
-2 new endings (good ending + new bad ending)
-A very important new character
-New music
-New jumpscares/deaths in the horror section
-Other small improvements
-Possible bonus room

I hope you will like this updated version!


The game has been released!

I apologize for the delay, the game was released last week on itch.io but I didn't want to release it here until the bugs were fixed!
You can find the guide of the game here

Thank you for your patience!



The release of Aria's Story will be on January 20 and the countdown will start tomorrow! It will be released in english and spanish.

Check out the Tumblr blog or Twitter to follow the countdown!

Progress Report

English Translation Progress

The english translation is 90% completed, the game will be released soon!
Once we complete the translation we will send it to proofreaders and when they finish it the countdown will start.

Thank you for following the development of Aria's Story!

Progress Report

English Translation

I’ll finish testing the game soon!!
The game is in spanish because is my native language, so we need to translate it to english!

Rindre will translate the game (she also translated the demo!) but I think that’s a lot of work for one person. That’s why I would like to recruit more people that can help her with the translation!

If you’re interested, please send an email to ariastory.project@gmail.com

Thank you for your support and for following the development of Aria’s Story!

Progress Report

Progress Update

I just wanted to say that the game has reached 95%!!!
I only need to finish the endings and some CGs!

Thank you so much for all your support! I hope I can release the game soon!

Progress Report

Progress Update

The game has reached 85%, I've finished the fourth area!!
I'm going to start working on the last area tomorrow, only 15% left!

Demo (Prologue) - 100% completed
First Area - 100% completed
Second Area - 100% completed
Third Area - 100% completed
Fourth Area - 100% completed
Fifth Area - 0% completed

I want to make the last area shorter than the others, so I hope I can finish it soon!

Thanks for all the support and for following the devolpment of Aria's Story!

Progress Report

Progress Update

I just wanted to say how the game is progressing!

-Demo (Prologue) - 100% completed
-First Area - 100% completed
-Second Area - 100% completed
-Third Area - 100% completed
-Fourth Area - 30% completed
-Fifth Area - 0% completed

Soon the game will reach 75% !!

Thanks for all the support and for following the development of Aria’s Story!

Progress Report

[DEMO V.2]

Hello! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The game is currently at 54% of the development and soon it will reach 60%.
I realized that the newest maps I made for the game are better in comparison to the maps of the first areas, that's why I decided to do them again.
That means that I have remade the maps that appear on the demo and I decided to upload a new version! The purpose of the new update is just to show a more accurate representation of the final game.
The new features of the demo are:

★Improved the maps
★New portraits for Narrator and Aria (and more expressions)
★Improved sound effects
★Added Narrator’s music theme
★Added a new NPC (The OC of the winner of a giveaway that I made on Tumblr)
★Changed and added some minor things.

Basically, It's the same as the old one but with aesthetic changes.
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