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New Update

Hello! Thank you for playing Aria's Story!

I want to announce that I'm currently working on a new update for the game. Some of the changes:

-Updated maps (Fixing the darkness, it's currently difficult to see the exit of most of the maps, so I'll fix that)
-New scenes
-More screentime for Dahlia and Clyde
-2 new endings (good ending + new bad ending)
-A very important new character
-New music
-New jumpscares/deaths in the horror section
-Other small improvements
-Possible bonus room

I hope you will like this updated version!


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Aaand so I finally have an excuse to play Aria's story again <3. Good work, I'll be waiting!
Nice, nice! I'm excited to play the update.
This is great news! I loved the game and I am very excited to play this update!!
I have started my journey to get my first 4/5 before dreaming any bigger than that. Gradual and steady does it... hopefully.
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