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Aria's Story 2.0 [New Endings]

Aria’s Story 2.0 is now available in english and spanish!
It contains new endings, a bonus room, new scenes and a new character!


-Added 2 new endings: Good Ending and Bad Ending 2.
-The original Bad Ending has been expanded with more content. Now it’s also called Perfect Ending.
-A Bonus Room has been added.
-A new character, Wendy, has been added.
-5 new tracks have been added, that will be used in the new endings.
-There’re new scenes in the game.
-There’re 4 new CGs.
-Horror section has been updated with some new things, making it a bit scarier.
-Adjusted the darkness of most of the maps, specially the corners, making the exploration easier.
-Updated some of the maps.

You’ll see most of the new content once you reach the horror chapter, but there’s at least one new scene in every chapter!

More information about how to obtain the new endings can be found here!

Thank you so much for all the support!!!


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OOOOHHHH!!! That sounds awesome! I am excited to see the new content!!!
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