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Tightrope is a joint effort by three developers and artists for the McBacon Jam #2 event
Development is currently ongoing.

Tightrope is a sidescrolling beat-'em-up with a good/evil meter. While fighting through your enemies, you must make decisions that determine how good--or evil!--you are. Different actions lead to different situations, but most situations can be handled with a good, old-fashioned beating.

As night falls in a sinful city, the lawful and immoral come out. Masks fall, inhibitions are put aside. Street gangs clash for supremacy. The sinful seek pleasure and escape.
On this night, the Reapers have declared war against the Wolves. Nara, a feared and respected fighter in illegal gambling clubs, rises against the infamous street gang when her friends are put in danger.
Will you save the Wolves’ leader in time? Will you defeat the Reapers once and for all? ...Or will you choose another path?

Fight your way through several stages as you beat up thugs, thieves and drug lords. Follow your own path either as a heroine or a villain: choose to abide by the law or to increase your reputation in the underworld.

  • Retro-inspired Beat-'em-Up action!
  • Good/Evil Meter--your actions determine your path and may alter rewards and events.
  • Custom Engine and Assets--the entire game, from the sprites and backgrounds to the game's JSON parser, was created from scratch.
  • Keyboard, Joystick, and Gamepad capable, with fully configurable controls.
  • RPG elements included! Buy upgrades to strengthen Nara.

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Looks fantastic,Can't wait for the full game..
Sounds promising. If you even finish it, please shoot me a pm. I'd love to play it.
Looks fantastic,Can't wait for the full game..

Our first goal is to have a demo released in time for the McBacon Jam event, which is soon so stay tuned!

Sounds promising. If you even finish it, please shoot me a pm. I'd love to play it.

Will do :)
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