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Completed for McBacon Jam #2! *currently proof of concept a glitchy mess~, but 50% done for the minimum content we'll be putting in. Look forward to other versions improving and progressing!*

After a devastating betrayal from his lover, Lena, Ryrude makes the decision to cut ties. However, they don't both believe this to be the end. Lena attempts to persuade Ryrude to stay, using the same silver tongue she's always had in their relationship.

But Ryrude doesn't listen. A witch only has so much patience, and Lena is no different. She loses her temper and curses Ryrude in fury and fear of being alone. Ryrude blacks out only to discover that Lena has fled. He feels no different at first, but then he notices the blood. Next, the barely distinguishable red mush...

"I-is that..." he wonders to himself "...w-was that a squirrel?"

"Did I kill this?"


Bound's battle system is based upon switching characters' classes mid-battle in order to gain the upper hand. Ryrude won't be alone as he searches for Lena! His friend Sara and two strangers with dubious goals, Duke and Elizabeth, will join him on his journey.

Why are witches so bad anyway?

Latest Blog

Demo Update!

Alright, so the demo has been updated! This was mainly due to the fact that I took part in the Anti-Procrastination Initiative Event so I did the opposite of procrastinating~

This is the tyrant battle. It's kind of barebones right now, but the atmosphere was perfect so I put it in~

There's still a tooooon of work to be done with this, but I feel the demo right now gives a better sense of what the final game will be like. Unfortunately, there were some key things that didn't get done:

- Sara still has paper thin arms/scant clothing
- There's still some places you can't go!
- The ending of the demo is still abrupt
- Among some other things

Tutorial battle with Sara which is ironically interesting/difficult. You learn what you need to know in the first two turns, then you're encouraged to milk the system to win. If you don't, chances of victory are low (but inconsequential because it doesn't matter if you win~)

Things that did get done though include:

-Some shops were added
- More NPCs were added and many were made interactive
- The battles are much easier and the injectors will not kill you (as fast).
-The intro lost a lot of its Monologue-ness and gained some more interactivity.

I kinda broke the dungeon mechanic though, so after your first room you can just run through the dungeon if you want. The interesting part of the mechanic is still in tact though~


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OOOO A gaim.
This caught my eye on the main page and Rose did tell me a little about it.
I'll give it a shot! I'll lend some feedback as well (I don't write reviews).
Expect some tomorrow. I'll post some here and not message since this is a multi project.
Ik the McBacon Jam is done btw but that ain't stopping me!
Oh my, be gentle. The gameplay is pretty rough right now.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Ver 0
random thoughts
bold=what i consider important
other=just random thoughts good or bad
Big claymore! make your friends feel inferior! :D

his stats...holy shit he is godly for a lvl 1 character
175 att
631 luck
and 999 AGI!?

class switch is interesting.

when you use skills in the skill menu it go's back to the game. i don't like that it should stay on the screen until you back out manually

Sara can use poison plasma out of battle

injector (looks like a giant fly) is too strong. it does a good amount of damage(which would not be a problem but) it also has a unreasonable amount of defense.

enemy groups randomly give experience,cant lvl up and battles can be too hard

General dropped
the battle aspect of this game needs work. it is too stressful in its current state for me to what to try and suffer thru it.

Currently i do not recommend with improvements it could be a good game.
You lovely human being~<3 Thanks for the help! Currently I'm a bit too busy, but I'll be updating it when I get a chance!

Haha, I'm glad you liked the big claymore description! I'm actually not sure how to make the menu stay open after using the Paradigm skills. Any help is welcome!
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It seems Shayoko beated me to the punch! I took a small break.
I'll get some feedback in soon. I'll try my best not to repeat what Shayoko has said.

Guess what? It's soon.
I will set my thoughts into 2 categories. Feedback and Nitpicks (because I am a horrible human being who nitpicks a lot).
Criticism will be harsh, though I will try to make it funny XP.
Also, pictures! Cuz pictures are fun!

Feedback -

1. A couple things can fix this
One - Slightly move the picture lower
Two - Make the window not transparent
2. Lena vanished?

3. I think you should've shown Ryrude killing the squirrel. It will make the scene stronger.
4. I can apperently use all of my skills in the menu?

5. World map music still played when I went back in the forest.
6. This world map bothers me so much. First off there isn't many trees, 2nd the connection to the desert and the grasslands makes no sense. Third the cave doors should be on the mountian tilesets. Fourth, it's really small.
7. Can't talk to NPC's?
8. When I opened this chest, the words cutted out.

9. Please tell me you're gonna make these enemies walk around. It's odd that you have to interact with them just to fight.
10. These enemies poisen you in battle. Did I miss a shop? If not then you should lend the player some poisen-removing potions.
11. Can't seem to open this door. IF I'm missing a key or something, maybe inform us that it is locked.

Oh so I have to defeat a certain enemy to obtain a key to open the door? Did I skip something about this?
12. UHHHHHH, I used first-aid in the menu, it exited me out (Which is kinda annoying to repeatly go back in) and I lost no MP. Wut.
13. Oh NOW I lost some MP, wait what?
14. Why can't I hurt this Injector?! Do I need to set up a certain element on myself? This game SERIOUSLY needs a scan command.

16. I became a Soldier, took 4 damage. Why?
17. Oh, I didn't miss after-all, just the battle system script. Maybe a state can fix this.
20. I defeated the Injector! *cries in happiness*
21. I was at full HP, I used the Instant recover anyways?
22. I lost the fight, but the enemy still vanished?

23. Uhhhh, where do I go? I can't go back?!


Nitpicks -
2. The space in the beginning of the sentence bothers me a little bit.

3. No tutorial? I know the basic controls and stuff but at least lend some controls to people who are not familiar with RPG Maker games.
4. Not the most creative name for a weapon, also I'm not wearing anything?!

5. Why did I spawn here when leaving?

6. When it fadeouts, you should remove the picture first. Just my opinion XP

8. The portrait stayed when she was walking.

9. No icon for these?

Final Thoughts -
I had no choice but to drop it, I was stuck and couldn't find a way out.

- Plenty of tiny bugs that need to be fixed
- Needs more interaction around the area
- The world map is dull
- The battle system has plenty of bugs, and the enemies are too strong
- Needs more tutorials

- The art looks great!
- That music is very well done
- The ideas for the combat are interesting
- The maps are pretty good, besides the world map

I feel like this can be a good game, however at it's current state it needs a lot of work. You got my sub though.
Some stuff I said is similar to what Shayoko said, because I was too lazy to remove them from my notes.
Thank you for your feedback Porkate42. We'll be trying find ways to fix these annoying bugs.
Oh thanks Porky~<3

The injectors are supposed to be taken down with magic haha, I think a scan ability is in order. I never put in a store unfortunately, although I had meant to. I'll definitely put in tutorials to explain everything. I'm generally pretty iffy about adding them, but it's definitely in order for this game. Oh gee, I was afraid that room would be glitchy - I thought I fixed it, but I suppose not, huh?

BIG Claymore is a phallic reference, when you read the description I make a joke to that effect! There are a lot more silly jokes in the descriptions, but unfortunately, it's limited to what you can find in the dungeon. I'll be getting rid of the space before sentences too!

Your feedback was very helpful, Porky!
Goes inactive at least every 2 weeks
Ah I see
I havn't rly explored the menu that much so I didn't notice the joke XP
Glad I helped guys, keep up the great work!
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