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What does it mean to be a hero? Or a villain? More importantly, what does it even mean to be human?

The answers aren't clear. They never are.


After an attack, the Monolith stands silent and empty save for one survivor: you. With only your own strange powers and the assistance of the space station's computer, you are tasked with the duty to escape. Your decisions will dictate what you learn, and what you learn may dictate your decisions. Who are you? What is the Monolith? Why does the computer act like it does?

Is escape really the best option?


An exploration/puzzle-based visual novel for the second McBaconJam by MakioKuta, Indrah, Fomar0153, and Zeigfried_McBacon.

Latest Blog

Demo Download is Up!

There was something wrong with the original upload. Seems it didn't compress properly. The demo has been reuploaded, but if you downloaded it before this time, please redownload it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, here's a known issue I found while testing the upload:
* Technopathy power's icon displays as ??? and not Technopathy.

--old post--
Hello everyone~

As you can see we've uploaded our demo for this game! We're excited to have it up before the (graciously extended and extended again) deadline.

Silence of Monolith is a decision driven game with a branching story and multiple endings based around exploration, dialogue, and puzzles. It's meant to explore the concept of information, or a lack thereof, and how that can impact the morality of a decision.

The demo is roughly the first 10minutes or so of the game; just enough to give you all a sense of how things will flow and the mechanics of the game itself. There are some temporary things in place, however most of what you see in the demo is how we hoped it would be.

We're open to detailed feedback so we can make the full version better!

Thanks in advance for playing!

Celianna's Futuristic Tiles
Joel Steudler's Futuristic Atmospheres
pjcr16's Astronaut Sprite


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You're magical to me.
Wow, this looks incredible! :D Subscribed!
"wait you made this a career?"
I was busy the past few days so I just saw this but it looks great!
Hello! There was an error with the old file, if you downloaded it before now, please redownload. Sorry for the inconvenience! We hope if you play the demo you enjoy it :)
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Just played it. I'm among the 75% who opened the communications panel?

Anyway, this was a nice little treat! The controls for the special actions felt a bit weird since I don't usually play RM games on the keyboard unless it's necessary, and on my Xbox Controller the keys were registered as "start" to shoot electricity/transform into a slime and "back" to report to the computer.

The fuse puzzle also irked me a bit in the sense that despite how the thing was sparkling, implying that it's an important item to obtain, I could only grab it after examining the control panel first. It just felt like a needless step to the puzzle that wasn't particularly engaging.

Otherwise, I'd love to see you guys finish this, because I want to see more!
This looks really good. Is the art all original?
The title screen and the character busts were made by me. The tiles are Celianna's Futuristic Tiles and the sprite is a modified version of the one linked in the blog entry :)
I just played through the demo.
Starting off with the mapping, It was really good. The sizes of the map were absolutely perfect. I... think it was parallax mapping due to how some of the tiles were. I really like it when those futuristic tiles are maximized :D They look absolutely gorgeous (especially edited like that with angled walls)

Dialogue was alright, I'm not the best person to criticize it as its my weakest point so I have no idea. It felt fluid to read most of the time so that was good.
The only character that had actual dialogue was entertaining enough for me :D
Kudos for the busts and sprites btw, they nicely fit the game's overall feel.

Gameplay. Surprisingly this is where I'd normally whine about no real gameplay but here's the important part(other than me not reading the description of the game). The atmosphere was really good so for me it felt more like exploration than just going from point A, get item then go to point B. It felt good going through the ship. The game immerses you really well. Well enough that you feel like you're part of it pretty much right off the bat. The music was a good fit of course, the 2nd ability had me confused for a second, but that's only because its 5 am right now. Anyway can't stress it enough how good the atmosphere felt.

Not comfortable enough for a review but I'd give the experience 4.5 out of 5.
Keep up the good work :D

PS: the part where you go into a room and it fades into the same map blew my mind.
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