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Träumerei Vol. 1: Free E-book Promo

Hello~!! Since Volume 4's first draft is 50% done, I decided to run a promo for Träumerei, Vol. 1 on Amazon! The e-book will be free for download until Monday, June 20, 2022.

E-book Link


Träumerei Chapters 1-4 Russian Translations now available!

Thank you to Anna Lacrow from Anivisual for the Russian translations! They can be downloaded here, itch.io, and on her Anivisual page. Chapter 0 is also available, though it is not canon.


Light Novel Release!

Hi everyone! Production on Träumerei finished up a few months ago, so I'll most likely step away away from RPGM completely since I can cross this off my bucket list. My interests now correlate to writing novels!

In particular, I am still working with the characters in this game--the first books of which are the e-book and physical versions of the first volume of Träumerei. I released it last week along with a preview of Chapter 1 on Amazon.

Thank you!!


Träumerei Chapter 2 v1.0 Release!

Chapter 2 is finally out!!!! The tone is somewhat different this time around, but I'm quite happy with it!


Träumerei Chapter 1 v1.0 Release!

The game is released and now I am freeeeeed. Thank you for the wait, everyone! I hope you will enjoy the game! ^^


Target Release Date

Long time no see everyone! The game has been complete for the last few weeks; I'm just currently having it played through by beta testers.

The expected release date for this game will most likely be March 15, 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day!

Progress Report

Träumerei Chapter 0 v1.0 Release!

The first chapter is now out. It's about 1 hour long, all-in-all.
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