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Project Heaven


Hey guys, this is a game I decided to make when I first enter college as a hobby to gain some experience in making games. After a few years of development I managed to finish it. It was a long journey so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did developing it.

Zeto, a misanthrope with no hope for the world, is forced to undertake a journey to keep himself alive with his varied companions.
Across his journey, Zeto will meet new friends, find new enemies, and experience great loss. Discover the mystery of the world that surrounds him... Watch this story unfold before your eyes as a result of your decisions. Does Zeto want to save them at all? Whatever is done, the choice is yours…

“I hate people.
They just care about themselves.
Sometimes I wish they didn’t exist.
I dislike this world.
I just want a world for myself…”



A total and utter misanthropist, his repeated pessimism is a telling trait of his. Apathetic in many regards and at times complaining of his unorthodox fate of a hero, his personality shines when leading others. For some mysterious reason he loves milk tea. Zeto is the most dynamic character in the story.


Foil to Zeto, Luna is effervescent, flighty, and at times nonsensical. She is extremely energetic about all she puts her mind to, and is quite pushy at times. Her repeated energy and naïveté is a repeated personality trait, as is shown in dialogues with the haughty Evelyn.


With her head in the clouds eternally, Aria is detracted from the world around her. Very rarely does she ever make sense, and she ignores people quite often to be in her own mind. She does not really mind anything, and does things on a whim without thinking of their implications, such as almost kissing Zeto to try and wake him up from a daze. She's also shown to like fruits and milk tea. Her aloofness makes her immune to Confusion.


Haughty and very acerbic, Evelyn is blind but with her powers she can sense her surroundings. She at first represses her personality, but later shows herself to be very vain and self-absorbed. She seems to realize peoples' rejection of her personality, immediately believing that she would be expelled from the group the moment her personality was brought to light. She seems to harbor a friendship with Aria. Due to her natural blindness, she is immune to Blindness.


Belligerent and sometimes rash, Klaire is the quintessential idea of what appears to be a "gangster." However, at his core, most of his toughness is a façade and he truly appears to care for the well-being of his friends. He's a natural-born leader and fighter and believes firmly in the ideas of justice. He leads a group of gangsters who operate in Silver Rod City; however, this gang simply does kind things like helping old ladies or things of that ilk.


Somewhat silly and out-there, Ethan is a pure-blooded otaku. He uses internet shorthand and even emoticons when speaking in real life! He is shown to be a very laid-back character who never seems to take anything seriously. He serves as comic relief for the group and is usually the fastest to crack a joke.


Sweet and demure, Silvie is a kindhearted girl who tries her hardest for the people around her. She is mute, so she uses a sketchbook to communicate. As a result, her aptitude for drawing is very good. Not only can she draw very well, but also her cooking appears to be top-notch. She tries her best to not be a burden to her friends and never starts a fight or gets mad at anyone for any reason. Due to her inability to talk, she is immune to Silence.


Laconic and reserved, Ellis usually speaks very little. She provides little-to-no commentary for the majority of the game even when she is in the party, and merely tags along with Klaire's group for personal motives. She carries an aura of mystery around her as nobody really appears to try and force conversation out of her. Any sort of attempt communication is usually met with a cold denial.

** Main storyline of over 25+ hours of gameplay
** ATB-RPG system
** Branching class paths
** Party switching
** Hundreds of skills with varied effects
** Gear crafting and enchanting
** Secret boss battles
** Varied number of endings. With only one true end.

Extra comments from the creator
I said it before in the introduction but this project means a lot for me. It grew up with me while I was studying in college and it help me realize how much I like making games with a story. This is a project that I'll never forget in my life.

A lot of the resources in this game do not belong to me and goes to their respective creators/authors. (I added their names in game) And honestly I would like this game to have its own original art and music. If there's anyone or if you know someone that would be interested in replace the assets of this game with their original work then feel free to contact me, I don't bite.

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Wow I Like the Town and the Battle System you got going on
I will give you a Subscribers This looks Cool
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
the description lost me.
everyones perfect but they lie cheat steal and kill.
is that was perfect is?
contradicting plot like a boss!
Your battle system looks nice. Do the stats hold any significance during the fight?
link is dead can you fix it pretty please
link is dead can you fix it pretty please

I fixed the link today.
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