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ABOUT: I Hate My Flatmates is an indie comedy-RPG made in RPG Maker VX Ace.

Story: A mysterious man appears in front of four neighbors in an apartment building. He says that one of them must die. Chaos, hilarity, and savagery ensues as the neighbors attempt to escape their home before they're buried six feet under. However, can they escape without killing each other first?

*Obese amount of swearing
*Savagery to the umpteenth power
*A shirtless guy

*Art by April Liu http://soduhasian.deviantart.com/

*Music by Triple-Q https://www.youtube.com/user/TripleKyun

*Script by Victor Sant

*Some weird shit going on with the Step-ladder that causes an event to repeat

Fixed Bugs:

Latest Blog

What the-

Hey all, Ki-sama here.

Well shit, I didn't expect people to actually play this crap besides my friends. I think there's even a let's play, though he seemed to hate it, heheheh. Bad joke aside, here's some background info on the game.

I decided to do something productive in the summer before college, so why not make a game? I hit up my friend April Liu and I spent about 4 months making this game (1 month for planning, 3 for creating). Did I plan well? Nope. Did I stick to a schedule well? Nope. Did I work as hard as I could have? Nope. Basically this was a shitstorm just waiting to happen.

I wish I could have spent much more time doing this. There were so many puzzles and features I wanted to try out (and no, not more mazes). April could also have had more time to make more art. Hell, I could have arranged for a musician to make the ost, instead of using the RTP and Triple-Q's mashups. Maybe we also could have had actual freaking stairs.

As much as I want to go back and fix all my errors, it's time for me to move on. College isn't merciful, and I'd rather not start the year off with more debugging and attachment. Hence, the bugs will most likely not be fixed anytime soon (although if you could send them to me anyway, I'm sure I'll be able to get on them once I get some time). This game could have been so much more; it could have been a much better game.

Also, I realize this would be an issue: The humor. I have a really dry sense of humor when it comes to my written jokes (idk, shoot me). This game's comedy definitely isn't for everyone (hell, it's more like a visual novel than an rpg). I was honestly hoping the jokes and zingers would help ease the constant scurrying around the apartment building, but for the most part I'd say it's a failure so far.

For now, I can say that I Hate My Flatmates is over. I was actually thinking about more games in the same universe, but it's just really weird because they're so disconnected. Luckily for the time being those sequels will not be made.

To April, Victor, Triple-Q, and the RTP's creators, thank you so much for helping me achieve this step. For those of you who downloaded, thank you for giving this a chance. And for the people who actually enjoyed this, even by a little margin, thank you. I will make another blog post later if there is significant responses to I Hate My Flatmates.

Sincerely, Ki-sama
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  • 09/20/2015 04:52 PM
  • 05/26/2016 09:32 PM
  • 09/19/2015
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These features are superb!
I may give it a try, if I won't be too busy watching tries on tv (Rugby!).
Download maybe later i upload one gameplay!
Totally downloading this- sounds hilarious!
My friends and I played this game and we ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I really enjoyed the diversity of each represented character and it was overall hilarious for us xP

GG, man. GG.

The only issue I had with it was Carla's name was(Too many times to count; my friend and I said that Carla had split personalities and went with it XD) spelt "Carla" and but sometimes, more than not, Clara.

That's all that really troubled us.
Thanks though! You should make more stuff, maybe add on to this game for character development. Nonetheless, this game is one my favourites list. 3/3 people liked it and I think that says a lot <3
Just finished running this one through it had me laughing the whole way through while still giving me a good story, nice puzzles and some great characters that are easy to love. Can't wait for another game from you and hope for the best success with this one. Easily a favorite of mine! Thanks for the great adventure! Cheers!
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