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Great but very complex - Jtrev23Reviews

  • jtrev23
  • 05/09/2016 03:00 AM
Deus Cards

Deus Cards is an old RPG Maker 2003 action RTS card game whose popularity eluded me until now. With the reboot of RPG Maker 2003 engine on Steam, the developer “Watermark” decided to do some updates to the game and put it back up online. For the record, I played this game for about 3 hours in total including time to playing the tutorial and some of the tournament.


In the future, people have found a way to psychically connect with machines but the technology is not full-proof, as the effects change depending on the user. Therefore the technology has been diminished to a card game in which the human variance can be useful as players connect with robot avatars to beat their opponents.


I want to start by saying that I am amazed that the developer was able to create very complex and cohesive card game in RPG Maker and I know that must not have been easy. Unfortunately though, as with most card games, I found the core system around how the gameplay works was too complicated. I play yugioh on a regular basis and have been in the top 5 or less in local tournaments and it was hard for me to wrap my head around some of the concepts in the game. It doesn’t help that the game is action based and runs in real time, therefore taking the time to read cards’ effects could mean the end for you. With time, I’m sure that understanding the cards and when to use what effects would come naturally, but for a local TCG that is limited to 1 player VS an AI, I’m not sure it would be worth it in my opinion. To clarify, although the game is complicated, I still had fun playing it but I feel it would work a lot better as a card-based MMORPG, rather land a single player RPG Maker game.


I really like the story and I love how the game is sort of a mix between a RPG and a RTS game. It reminds me a lot of MegaMan and I think the story is told in a creative way. In the story/tutorial mode, you learn how to play Deus Cards through the character Gus, after he accidentally burnt his friend Jacob’s cards and is now trying to wind back new cards for his friend. The downside to this is that Gus is a type of Power player or what seems to be a beater and tutorial teaches the player how to play that style. I on the other hand and more of a mage player and while the mage style cards and effects are mentioned, it isn’t really helpful to a new player. Other than that, I had no other problems the presentation and felt that the music and graphics worked well with the game.


While my personal engagement with the game was pretty low, his game does have more than a few engaging factors. Not only does it have a nice story but the battle system created is very detailed and complex and holds a lot of versatility in style of gameplay. For me though, I feel like I could put time and dedication into a standard RPG with a decent battle system and great story, but with the level of complexity along with a 1 sided tutorial with overwhelming amount of information being thrown at a player; I’m just not sure that it is worth my time and effort for a non-multiplayer card game.


If you play card games like Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic gathering, then I think you’ll be able to appreciate Deus Cards and should be able to grasp it better than others. If you like Card Games in general and RTS games then I suggest you try it out for yourself, and who knows, if enough people like it then maybe there could be a multiplayer version of the game someday.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Game Making!!