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Angel Painting

Translated and Developed by Goddialga

Created by Jojo741963

(Disclaimer: everything in this review is just my honest opinion. I don't mean any harm by saying these things. I just ask that anyone reading this handles any problems they have professionally and with maturity, especially if you want to vent out any frustrations you might have towards the developer. Don't be that guy.)

Let's Begin!

So, right off the bat, I notice how the game just gets straight to the point, a little too quickly if you ask me. By that I mean, after you get chased by the monster, do the save file load thing, you wake up in the forest you were going through to try to find your way back home? I'm writing this review while playing the game, so maybe this will be explained later on, but if the three of them were trying to find a way back home, how on earth did they get so sidetracked? Baron just casually comes back from exploring an abandoned building, Ann wakes up from a nap, and Karen's just sort of there.
Moving on, they decide that they would go seek shelter from the rain and the night in the "abandoned" building, which would be the last resort at this point, so no problems there in my opinion. So the next thing isn't a problem with the story, rather just the game itself. If the building is supposed to be seemingly abandoned, then why are there LIT candles on the walls. This was one of the first things I noticed, and am surprised that none of the characters did.
Later on, she finds a newspaper and talks about her friends, and then she finds a picture of one of them and doesn't know who it is?

So, some overall notes on the game itself. The art, I must say, is not too great. I won't say any more on that matter, since we're not here to critique art today. Next, when I first opened up the game, it said that the VL Gothic font could not be found, so I just downloaded it. Don't pay too much heed to this when deciding whether or not to play the game, because this might just have been for me only. Adding on, I don't think VL Gothic was the best font to use, since it's not really all that appealing. It takes away from the aesthetics of the game (which are already lacking). More about the font, it's way too big, not pretty at all, and also distracting from what's going on in the game. Also, I found this to be a problem with other games too - the words sometimes get cut off. They go on past the text box, so I have to figure out what they say myself, which is also a distraction from what's happening in the game. It's just that with my eyes constantly switching between the huge text, the cut off sentences, and the game screen, I get kinda dizzy, which is not great.
The graphics are fine - the pixel characters are nice, the backgrounds are detailed and good. Not much to say about the graphics.
I like the music, actually. It always works with what's currently going on in the game, chase scene - fast paced music, scary scene - ominous music, etc.
The grammar is not too great, but it happens sometimes. It's fine.
Also, I feel like the characters have no feelings? If you were to compare this game to games like The Wedding, or Summoning, which both also lack in aesthetics and aren't too popular, their characters have much more feeling than the ones in this game.
Plus, I find it odd that when there's a message from the game such as "Used 2F Right Balcony Key", Ann is the one saying it. Pretty odd, no?

In conclusion, if you aren't one to care about things such as what was listed above, and care more about the story, the story in this game is pretty solid. It has the potential to keep you from stopping the game midway. If you are one to care about these thing, well then the rating would probably be from 2.5 - 3.5. That'll be all for me, g'bye.


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Thank you for your review! I can only talk about the issues of the font and the grammar.

I have no idea what font the creator used so I just stick with whatever font he originally put in the game. But it's not this big in v1.0 if I remember correctly. The creator fixed some bugs and send 1.1 to me and then I uploaded the game directly without checking it because I was so busy so it was partly my fault.

I haven't contacted with the developer for almost a year now. So, I doubt this game would get any update.

About "Used 2F Right Balcony Key", sorry about that error. I just thought that was fine without a subject (Ann,I,she whatever).
You're welcome! Also, I think this was on the other review (or one of them I haven't checked if anyone made a new one :0) but the font issue I addressed can be fixed (unless I'm thinking of another game). Also, I'm pretty sure no one will really notice the balcony key mistake, I just noticed and felt I had to address it since I was, after all, writing a review, so no worries! :) Great game overall, keep up the good work :D
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