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The new twist on a RPG genre!
A funny game that had been casted by many Thais Youtubers,
now comes an English Version!! Don't try to reason with anything
that has happened in this kind of game!

The princess is kidnapped by some random villain.
You, as "Brian", are determinant to rescue her from the land beyond the horizon, so he goes on an adventure!
But will this quest be that easy? For the man named "Brian", of course it won't!

Have you ever play "Unfair Mario" or "I Wanna Be The Guy"? This is a RPG version of them!
Throw your logic out of your window, you won't need it!
Experience the game that keep you guessing how to stay alive!
Will you reach the end of this game without getting rage quit?

If you like this game, please visit an official site here
Feel free to review and comment, we're listening!!

- Sense of humours
- Invincible strong main character
- Sarcastic comments (as above)
- Broken fourth wall
- ...And millions of ways to die!!

Spacial Thanks
- Splendith, for creating this game
- TimeKnight, for translating this game to English
- iRPG.in.th, Thailand RPG Community
- RMN Music Pack (Love every music so much! Apologize in some jokes in game)

Latest Blog

Brian's Adventures DEMO is now available to download!

The game profile has been updated and completed!

I'm not a creator of this game, but a translator. (We're friends!) This game is very popular in Thailand, it has been casted on Youtube with over 1 million views. So the creator contacts me to translate it for the foreigners to enjoy. Many jokes have been changed to fit the English-speaking players.

The game file is only 52 MB, but the gameplay may take you almost 1 hour to finish it. When you've done it, there will be a congratulations message and a gameplay statistics. If you don't receive these 2 things, you still haven't finish the game. Although for the replay, you can finish it in least than 10 minutes. Why? You have to play it to figure out!

If you found any mispelling misspelling in this game, I'm sorry! Feel free to comment and review it.
Hope you enjoy!!


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Hey, your game is fun but even very frustrating. Each time you die, you have to do everything again.
You stumble and die, you cut your finger and die, you touch fire and die ... just get hurt a little. No normal man is killed instantly or he is a bleeder (man without blood binding cells), but then he can't fight!
I think your auto-save isn't working properly. It should at least save when leaving the first village.

And please choose another font. The i and j dots are moved to the left.
And the mayor says geart instead of great.
Hi, Firefly84.
Well... it means to be funny and frustrating. The whole game is based on bad luck, hence that the main character name is Brian. This game puts out many illogical ways to die to reflect on that concept. The challenge is to forward the game with least death as possible.

The auto-save is working properly, but it may take very long time to reach one. The next one is when you leave the old man's house in next village. We're still working on how often they should appear. And sorry about the font and misspelling, we'll fix them soon. Thanks for your review!
This game is very difficult to predict, but that was fun!
the name entry box is slightly off center, is that intentional?
the "princess kidnapped!" plot is really cliche, but that seems to be your angle.
the first death by stumbling was pretty funny actually, but i thought it was a scripted event and ran over the pothole again only to die a second time in the same way :Y
the death tracker is an interesting mechanic as well. does the character move so fast so you'll accidentally sprint into traps and die? it's mildly offputting.
so basically, you die a lot in this game. i think it would be funny for someone to play with friends or an audience, just due to the sheer ridiculousness of it, but for a solo player it would likely just become frustrating. i guess how much that means to you depends on how you intend to market it!
This game is a really big hit in my country where it originally came from, Thailand so I gave it a try (in Thai ver.) and I have to admit that it's really not my style since I'm more into serious story-focused games.

Also I (even the creator himself) would recommend anyone who want to try this game to play it in a group if you can. Playing alone is alright but playing with others (or watching others playing it) will definitely make it feels better!
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