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Brian's Adventures DEMO is now available to download!

The game profile has been updated and completed!

I'm not a creator of this game, but a translator. (We're friends!) This game is very popular in Thailand, it has been casted on Youtube with over 1 million views. So the creator contacts me to translate it for the foreigners to enjoy. Many jokes have been changed to fit the English-speaking players.

The game file is only 52 MB, but the gameplay may take you almost 1 hour to finish it. When you've done it, there will be a congratulations message and a gameplay statistics. If you don't receive these 2 things, you still haven't finish the game. Although for the replay, you can finish it in least than 10 minutes. Why? You have to play it to figure out!

If you found any mispelling misspelling in this game, I'm sorry! Feel free to comment and review it.
Hope you enjoy!!