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Generic RM2k3 RTP Gaming Fun!

I always wanted to make that game based on everything I enjoyed as a kid. This is the end result.

Hero's Realm creates a super-synergy of proactive features to create a gaming experience greater than the sum of its parts.

Lead four heroes and their teams against the evil forces of Mephistocles, the Lord of Demons in this retro-RPG adventure. Toggle between the four heroes as you explore dungeons, ascend towers, spelunk caves, save villages and defeat the forces of evil! Reminiscent of classic RPGs such as Dragon Quest III and Final Fantasy V, Hero's Realm is a fun romp in old-school RPG nostalgia.

-22 character classes (12 base classes, 4 hero classes, 3 secret classes, 3 master classes)
-TONS of game content and sidequests
-Classic NES-era and SNES-era RPG gameplay
-Great music
-Multi-party switching system (like Kefka's Tower in FFVI!)
-Multi-party tactical battles (at least 5 of them!)
-Massive world map

The story is split into 5 chapters, with each of the first four chapters focusing on a new hero, and the 5th chapter bringing them all together.

Chapter 1: Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children?
Chapter 2: There is Something Fishy Going on...
Chapter 3: Land of the Rising Son
Chapter 4: True Calling
Chapter 5: The War on Terror

This is a list of websites where Hero's Realm has been mentioned or linked to.

Download and unzip this file. Install the fonts in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

Hero's Realm has a TVTropes page.Check it out.
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Latest Blog

Inhuman Resources

Remaking all this will be a pain in the asset

Converting Hero's Realm into a commercial endeavour requires remaking a large swath of assets. When I was creating the game, I had access to the expansive RM2k3 RTP resources, as well as many, many (many) rips from Final Fantasy IV, V and V, and MIDI renditions of popular game tracks as well as a score of original works. As such, I was very liberal in my use of different assets when creating monsters, maps, animations, classes, etc!

Remaking these assets will require me to hire artist(s)/spriter(s)/composer, and this is an open call to see who might be interested in working with me to create a batch of new resources.

This is the first time I have attempted to commission resources. If I am missing any details, please feel free to ask for them in the comments.

I am looking for resources for RPG Maker 2003 for:
Tilesets, Panoramas, Monsters, Charsets, Objects, Battlechars, Battleweapons, Battle Animations, Battlebacks, Titlescreen/Game Over, Music, Sound Effects

I have a limited budget (like all indie game devs do, of course). In some areas (monsters, panoramas, battle animations) I am willing to scale back graphic fidelity to come under budget. I will also be willing to help with (and encourage) recolors, editing templates, minor tweaks and edits. The graphic style I am aiming for is somewhere between SNES Final Fantasy V and RM2k3's RTP. I have gone into greater detail for each resource below.

Tilesets (a.k.a. chipsets) ::..

Here I am looking for an ideally 1-to-1 match with the RM2k3 RTP edits I used in the game (to minimize any remapping clean up I would have to do).

480x256 pixels
256 colors

Assets Needed (6)
-Town (with small variations/recolors for Mountains, Swamp, Ocean, Sand/Desert)
-SciFi Complex (this can be a smaller set of graphics, and I can redo what I have with a new chipset)

Panorama-o-rama ::..

I used panoramas sparingly in Hero's Realm.

320x240 pixels (typically)
256 colors

Assets Needed (6)
-Mid-day lightly clouded sky
-Very Cloudy Sky (tiles horizontally, as illustrated above)
-Strange miasma (tiles horizontally and vertically, for parallel dimensions)
-Mountain range (tiles horizontally, as illustrated above)
-Dark abyss (tiles horizontally and vertically, used in a very fast-moving parallax)

Characters ::..

Characters are 16x16 sprites with 4 directions with a 3-step walking animation (left foot, standing, right foot) typically. A 2-step walking animation is also acceptable. I need a lot, though. Charsets for RM2k3 are a specific dimension and have a specific layout. They (like all assets in RM2k3) are limited to 256 colors.

Classes (46)
There are 21 classes that need a male and female variant, plus 4 hero classes.

-Daredevil M
-Daredevil F
-Assassin M
-Assassin F
-Joker M
-Joker F
-Bandit M
-Bandit F
-Engineer M
-Engineer F
-Harlequin M
-Harlequin F
-Ranger M
-Ranger F
-Templar M
-Templar F
-Warden M
-Warden F
-Champion M
-Champion F
-Black Knight M
-Black Knight F
-Paladin M
-Paladin F
-Ronin M
-Ronin F
-Shapeshifter M
-Shapeshifter F
-Channeler M
-Channeler F
-Sage M
-Sage F
-Shadowen M
-Shadowen F
-Druid M
-Druid F
-Mesmer M
-Mesmer F
-Warlock M
-Witch F
-Wizard M
-Wizard F

NPCs (54)(estimate)

Main NPCs (11)
-Child of Light (girl)
-Pablo (grand poobah)
-Wip (Chief Advisor)
-Great Red Spirit (Seer)
-Trihan (Captain)
-Lady Liberty (Lord Captain Commander)
-Archeia Nessiah (Guard and Overseer of the Child of Light)
-Dread Pirate Holberts
-Guru (male)
-Guru (female)
-Giant Golem

Evil (7)
-Balthalas (fat demon)
-Niddly Wormwood (sketchy man)
-Kakorotto (kung fu master)
-Murzhor (evil wizard)
-Spinidel (shade)
-Urok (muscle demon-captain)
-Mephistocles (tall demonlord)

Generic (18) + recolors/tweaks
-old man
-old woman
-exotic dancer
-commander/elite soldier
-bald tough guy
-froggite (or similar small animal/gnome-like creature)

Animals (8)

Vehicles (4)
-airship (I have a custom airship already, but may need tweaking to match style)
-seafaring ship
-ghost ship

Monsters (6?)

Objects (32)
Chests, switches, doors, villages, castles, and the like. Some are static, some have animation frames (ie- doors and chests)

objects (18)
-ornate chest
-blood spatter
-wood door
-reinforced door
-metal door
-jail door
-ornate door
-floor switch
-wall switch
-mine cart
-small spikes
-large spike

worldmap (14)
-castle (32x32)
-elegant castle (32x32)
-castle ruins (32x32)
-pyramid (32x32)
-futuristic ruins

Battle Characters ::..

Like I mentioned earlier, I have 21 classes that need a male and female variant, plus 4 hero classes, plus a battlechar for the Child of Light, for a total of 47 battlechars. Battlechars in RM2k3 have a specific size and template and are limited to 256 colors.

These battle character sprites should reasonably match their accompanying 16x16 charset sprites.

I am looking for a Final Fantasy IV or V style. I need 8 poses (Standing, Attacking, Walking, Hurt/Crouch, Spellcast, Victory, Asleep/Dead, Defending), plus 4 poses that I can use universally (Invisible, Ghost, Statue, Wolf/Werewolf)

Assets Needed (47+4)

-Daredevil M
-Daredevil F
-Assassin M
-Assassin F
-Joker M
-Joker F
-Bandit M
-Bandit F
-Engineer M
-Engineer F
-Harlequin M
-Harlequin F
-Ranger M
-Ranger F
-Templar M
-Templar F
-Warden M
-Warden F
-Champion M
-Champion F
-Black Knight M
-Black Knight F
-Paladin M
-Paladin F
-Ronin M
-Ronin F
-Shapeshifter M
-Shapeshifter F
-Channeler M
-Channeler F
-Sage M
-Sage F
-Shadowen M
-Shadowen F
-Druid M
-Druid F
-Mesmer M
-Mesmer F
-Warlock M
-Witch F
-Wizard M
-Wizard F
-Child of Light
+Invisible, Ghost, Statue, Wolf/Werewolf

Enemies ::..

Final Fantasy VI style

Final Fantasy V style

So many monsters in this game. So many...

I have done an initial cull of the monster graphics used in this game, and can still do further consolidation based on the roles the monsters filled in battle. Currently, I have a list of 86 monsters and bosses. However, I am not particularly wedded to each specific monster's graphic or name - I simply used what was available from Final Fantasy VI rips and designed from there. For example, I used a bear graphic and made a bear-like enemy, but really any large ferocious beast-styled sprite will suffice. Thus there is a lot of freedom in what monsters can get ultimately designed and developed. I am also (very) open to artist suggestions, based on what they would like to try spriting!

As for style, I am shooting for a Final Fantasy V level of graphic fidelity. (Final Fantasy VI, though more elegant, is likely outside of my price range). I have showcased both above. At least, that is what I am envisioning. I am open to discussion and suggestions on monster graphic design.

The size ranges varies, from a low end of 35x35 pixels, to 50x50, to 70x100.

Mooks (66):
-This is a working list, and based largely on FF6 sprites I used.

Ameboid-like goop
Behemoth (very large demon)
Long Dragon
Odonata (flying bug)
Porkus (fat pig-like beast)

Bosses (20)

Fatdemon (miniboss)
Big Fighter (miniboss)
Big Skeleton (miniboss)
Knight/Prince (miniboss)
Balthalas, 3rd form
Iron Gaia/Virus (robot boss)
Murzhor (wizard variant)
Spinidel (demon variant)
Urok (behemoth variant)
Niddly Wormwood (vagabond human)
Evil Wind
Xelob (giant spider)
Xelobite (spiderling)
Shadowstorm (Atma, from FF6 basically)
Mephistocles (has 2 arms, each arm has 2 forms)
-Mephisto Left I
-Mephisto Left II
-Mephisto Right I
-Mephisto Right II
Mephistocles, 2nd form

This will likely be the biggest component of my budget, and requires the most work, but it could also be the most fun and varied resource creation of the entire project, and the artist would have considerable leeway.

Battle Animations ::..

I don't even know where to begin with battle animations...

I haven't compiled a comprehensive spell list yet. I used a ton of different battle animations that varied greatly in style. This could potentially be a huge cost-sink, but I am quite willing to scale back in this area to meet budget.

I need someone comfortable with battle animations for RPGs who would be willing to advise me in how to approach this facet of resources.

Battle Backgrounds ::..

Ideally, for battle backgrounds, I would like to imitate a Final Fantasy IV or V style (or even an FFVI style). But the style will have to match both the FF5 style battlechars AND whatever style the monsters end up taking. Depending on that, I am even willing to simplify the battlebacks to do a mostly-black background with a stylized header, like so:

256 colors

Assets Needed (22)

-scifi complex

Battle Weapons ::..

There are (roughly) 33 weapons needed for this game, though depending on how much it takes to make them, I can use more (up to 50). Battle weapons in RM2k3 are a 3 stage animation, and fit into a specific template.

Assets Needed (33)
(some consolidation/recolors are an option!)

-elegant sword
-ornate dagger
-magic staff
-wooden staff
-wand x2
-ornate bow

Miscellaneous ::..

256 colors

Assets Needed
-Title screen
-Game Over screen
-Chapter frame

Music ::..

I may have music assets lined up, depending on how things play out. But for sake of completeness, I am looking for a list of music. I am not sure how pricing works (probably by the minute)

The style I am looking for is, again, SNES-esque, though I am not requiring a strictly chiptune instrumentation. If orchestral music fits, I will use it.

RM2k3 supports MIDI, WAV and MP3, though I would prefer WAV or MP3.

I can provide sample MIDIs. I will work on recording some samples of the songs I really like and posting them here soon.

Assets Needed (27)

-main theme
-hero's theme x4
-overworld (x5?)
-important battle
-boss battle
-final battle(s)
-town (x2)
-other dimension
-final cave
-Intro music
-titlescreen music/Paranor

Sound Effects ::..

I don't even know how these are made, acquired, produced, or commissioned. I am strongly leaning towards making my own using something like bfxr because I am so unknowledgeable about sound effects, just to sidestep the hassle. But I did come up with a draft list.

(Can I just use the RM2k3 sound effects? Is that allowed?? Problematic??? Legitimate question here)

Assets Needed (draft list)(37-ish)

-find item

If you are interested, please respond in the comments below or via Private Message. Contact me with any questions, pricing, payment options/arrangements, or suggestions. Thank you for your time!
  • Completed
  • kentona
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 06/25/2007 11:50 PM
  • 06/21/2017 08:54 PM
  • 06/19/2009
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I need help. I'm stuck on ch.3 where you need to get dow jones heart for the sponsor. How do I get to Ichiban???????????
From Okasa, walk west, cross the forest south of the mountain range, until you reach the western coast. There you will find a teleport shrine.
Oh, ok. I feel so stupid for missing that. I was walking around Koby thinkin I had to do something so the captain would talk to me.
Don't worry, you were not stupid. The worldmap is so huge that you can easily miss something! lol
Great game, but it's taking a long time to get to the good part (I'm up to the third chapter, and it feels like a filler.)
▲▲▼▼◄►◄►(B) (A)
The third chapter feels like a filler, or the entire game so far up to the third chapter? Personally, I found the 4th chapter to be my favorite out of the "intro" chapters. (Poor little Laura-Lee...*sniffle*), but some people really enjoyed chapter 3 and the change of pace with the Kumite battle arena.

Some people weren't keen on slogging through the first bit but I am assured that chapter 5 is worth it. I can't really comment on it because I am biased.

I like choosing classes and making parties so the first 4 chapters reflect that. I hope you are enjoying it anyway!
▲▲▼▼◄►◄►(B) (A)
This new background is intense.
I've got to get around to beating this thing. I'm right at the beginning at Ch. 2 but I forgot where I had to go :/
▲▲▼▼◄►◄►(B) (A)
Did you go north to do the mines yet?
When you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.
Love the background.
plz send msg for internet grl shmoozing tipz
This game seems interesting.....you have grabbed my interest Kentona.
This background should win a Misao.

I made it to chapter 5, and I'm a bit disappointed with the character development. A lot of things could've been done during the first four chapters to make the heroes more "fleshed out", like separating parties, having one hero cross paths with another, etc. As it is, the fifth chapter seems like the beginning of the game, which makes me feel like the past twenty-something hours that I spent playing through the individual storylines were a complete waste.

If ever there's a sequel, I advise the devs to focus on the BIGGER picture a bit more often, rather than side-stories that ultimately turn out to be pointless.

Aside from that the game is going good, minus some very serious bugs and balancing issues that keep getting in the way.
▲▲▼▼◄►◄►(B) (A)
Character development? I thought I got rid of that back in v1.3! Damn pesky defects. Seriously, though, if you are playing this game for the character development you might come away disappointed. My design philosophy in that regard for this game was: minimalize. And if you want a sense of the bigger picture you'd have to spend time talking to NPCs - I don't often ram it down the player's throat. Or if you want I could respond to any questions you might have about the history or backstories or any particular characters or events. I did think on that (even if I didn't present it or present it well in-game) to keep the game world consistent.

I am curious to know about the serious bugs. And balancing issues. I also wonder how much of that is due to the engine rather than design. RM2k3 has some unresolvable issues with it's battle engine, unfortunately.
I understand your philosophy, and for the most part it works. However, I do think the four chapters are 99.9% filler. We could've just gotten a brief summary of each character and then skipped to chapter 5, but instead you decided to make each an individual journey. This is why things like character development is important: fillers are universally designed for the sake of it. If there is no development or revealing of background info, the filler is simply pointless. Take a look at other RPG's to see what I mean (eg: any FF game: they usually dive into each of the main party members' backgrounds through a side adventure at some point.)

However, your main intention was obviously to form each of the four parties and give them some time to level up, so if that's all that matters to you, disregard my opinion.

Bugs are aplenty, but as I haven't played in a while I don't remember most of them. One that I DO remember, however--and one that occurs frequently--is when every character's ATB gauge freezes whenever Holdana, Zef, or a champion-class character uses pummel or magic combo. In chapter 5 I've started to encounter a lot more, but they pop up for only a brief moment before disappearing.

Balancing issues range from there being too many fast, physical parties of monsters (which sucks for those who created magic-based parties), to magic and elemental attributes barely contributing to a battle on too many occasions. Because of these issues, only the parties that include hunters, thieves, or werewolves--with only one additional magic caster for either offense or defense (generally speaking, healers also know Bless skills, and that's really the only offensive magic that counts)--will breeze through battles without worry. Meanwhile other parties need to stock up on their tonic potions and AGL+ items like crazy, which, quite simply, is not nearly as fun.

I have more criticisms, but I'll leave it at that for now since I still haven't beaten the game. But do know that the only reason I'm nitpicking is because I like what I see so far--this game has a lot of potential. It would be a shame to see it only go half the mile.
Oh, yeah, and I talked to a lot of NPC's during my adventures. A WHOLE FREAKING LOT. I have to commend you for keeping the dialogue so consistently fresh and interesting.
▲▲▼▼◄►◄►(B) (A)
Yeah, the ATB bar issue is an engine defect. There's nothing I can really do about it. I think any Link to Event type battle command can cause it to break.

For the first 4 chapters, you're right: I focused on the player getting to pick and build up a party from scratch PLUS on the backstory of the entire game (as opposed to the backstory of the main hero). 4 parties might have been too many or the chapters might be too long, I agree.

As for balancing, the big part of the game is building an effective party! That being said, I could've done a much better job providing more opportunities for different party builds to succeed. They are biased in their design, like you mentioned. Live and learn!

Thanks for the feedback.
Very neat game. The lack of overall character development was a shame, but the size and detail the world at large got was impressive. It felt like a genuine, commercial RPG. Granted, one from around the SNES era, but that's a product of the engine and tools rather than the effort put in.

The character classes were well designed too, though the previous poster who said magic was weak was pretty much completely right. In the end-game, I found the dare-devil to be the king of butt-kickery. Dual falchions and trigger that X5 attack? The only enemy I actually got to see all 40 swings on was the Iron Gaia Virus, though. Even with just the regular 8 attacks though, the final damage worked out about the same as other characters with (much)stronger single-strike weapons, and could be spread around pretty effectively too. The channeler was a nice source of free healing and a quick buffer, but he didn't really contribute beyond that. The sage was competent mostly because he could double-cast an enemies' weakness at them, and even then he was never really better than 'par'. On the bright side he could bikill my champion. Heck yeah.

Throwing was my favorite skill, though spirit skean may have been a bit overpowered. 1600 damage for nothing. Even if it only worked on undead, that's still crazy. And you eventually get shadow skean for everything else, and if instant death isn't working just use sleep powder and let the rest of your team handle it. Ranger's magic is nice in theory, but they don't have enough MP for any of the really useful skills, and a huge number of them are rubbish. Not enough bows late game! Maybe I missed something, but I don't think I found one stronger than the elfen bow? 170ish attack, I think. I could have gone with a sword, but it just felt wrong on a ranger.

Two-handed weapons weren't really strong enough in general. If you're losing about 1/3 of your defense, 20ish attack doesn't really make up for it. I only gave Holdana the Reaver because it was bloody awesome.

The whole freezing-when-Holdana-pummels thing has been mentioned, so let's just leave it at that.

The only thing that annoyed me was a bit right before you get the boat. I had some decent cash from fighting for awhile, then Alexandria opened up. Of course, I immediately raid the shops for awesome stuff, get a boat license and head off to Port Kells, broke as a hobo on a train. A hobo wearing really, REALLY expensive clothes, but a hobo all the same. Of course, immediately after I had to grind 30000 gold I end up in Okasa and land myself 60000 for that quest there.

Unless I just missed something really obvious, couldn't that reward just have been broken in half? Give 30000 from the Queen of Alexandria, make sure she tells you "Hey, you'll need this for a boat. They ain't free, saviors of the world or not."

Otherwise, just some decent place to grind! The ocean, ironically, is pretty good cash, but before that fights only average like 500 gold, or less.

As an aside...what is up with drill? I tried using it tons of times, but it never actually hit. It just says it does damage, but even the instant-death chainsaw has a better hit rate as far as I can tell.

And finally...I liked the first chapter the best. It starts out sounding comparatively minor in the whole 'save the world' scheme, but it ties it quite nicely once you start to figure out what was really going on. I also liked the way the ending bits turned out, and who really gets to fight the final boss, though that-certain-someone felt like kind of a let down compared to what even one of my 'normal' heroes could pull out.
▲▲▼▼◄►◄►(B) (A)
Wow, thanks Varil. This comment is pretty much review quality! Slap on a couple of scores for story and gameplay and atmosphere and you're set!

The Daredevil was my all-time fave class too. I only had two Ultrawhips (x2 attacks for a total of 4) but it was wicked nonetheless, especially when he hit 20 times in a row.

This was the first time I ever took a game to completion and I learned a lot about what is effective end game (when using this engine). I know that magic is on the weaker side and the effectiveness of certain class designs really starts to tail off mid to end game. While this project is complete, if I ever go crazy feel compelled to make another game of this epic magnitude I'll be sure to address the issues you raised.

Thanks for playing!
You're welcome! Despite my gripes, this really, really is an awesome game. Seriously, go get a job in game design or something. You'll be doing us all a favor.
▲▲▼▼◄►◄►(B) (A)
You're welcome! Despite my gripes, this really, really is an awesome game. Seriously, go get a job in game design or something. You'll be doing us all a favor.

Haha, maybe one day. Maybe one day. It will always be the dream...

I was serious about that comment being review-worthy, though. Slap a few scores on there and you'd be good to go.