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Generic RM2k3 RTP Gaming Fun!

I always wanted to make that game based on everything I enjoyed as a kid. This is the end result.

Hero's Realm creates a super-synergy of proactive features to create a gaming experience greater than the sum of its parts.

Lead four heroes and their teams against the evil forces of Mephistocles, the Lord of Demons in this retro-RPG adventure. Toggle between the four heroes as you explore dungeons, ascend towers, spelunk caves, save villages and defeat the forces of evil! Reminiscent of classic RPGs such as Dragon Quest III and Final Fantasy V, Hero's Realm is a fun romp in old-school RPG nostalgia.

-22 character classes (12 base classes, 4 hero classes, 3 secret classes, 3 master classes)
-TONS of game content and sidequests
-Classic NES-era and SNES-era RPG gameplay
-Great music
-Multi-party switching system (like Kefka's Tower in FFVI!)
-Multi-party tactical battles (at least 5 of them!)
-Massive world map

The story is split into 5 chapters, with each of the first four chapters focusing on a new hero, and the 5th chapter bringing them all together.

Chapter 1: Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children?
Chapter 2: There is Something Fishy Going on...
Chapter 3: Land of the Rising Son
Chapter 4: True Calling
Chapter 5: The War on Terror

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Download and unzip this file. Install the fonts in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

Hero's Realm has a TVTropes page.Check it out.
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Latest Blog

Hero's Realm: Heroic Expedition

Calling all heroes! Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition has launched its gameprofile. Further updates and announcements and requests will be made through this new gameprofile. Follow along there if you are interested in the revamp!

So long and thanks for all the downloads!

  • Completed
  • kentona
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 06/25/2007 11:50 PM
  • 03/08/2019 04:34 PM
  • 06/19/2009
  • 1680789
  • 230
  • 38923


It is. Alt+Enter to toggle.

So remember how I never finished my LP of Hero's Realm that one time? I lost my save file. ;.;

So, I started another LP instead. This time with screenshots! Yay. I'll finish this one, promise! Already got most of chapter 1 done~ If anyone wants to be part of the interaction, check out the thread on SA forums (note that unless you're a paid member there will be a paywall that pops up from time to time. It's annoying as hell but you'll be able to check again after a day, I think.)

If you don't want to be part of the interactions, I'll be posting the LP in parts on the Media pages (if kentona doesn't mind).
only 90s kids will like this admin
I think it is Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen.
I'm loving the game I only played the first 10 Mins of it but it's interesting plot.

My main beef is I have NO CLUE how to play this out of full screen, which sucks since I wanna do a LP(I tried when I still had my Headset) But I Use Trial Bandicam Which restricts me to 10 minute Segments, but in full screen it's Impossible to watch the clock!
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Can you send me your savefile? You can upload it here to your locker (username in the upper left > Locker > Upload), then send me a link to it. I will have to take a look.
Hi kentona!
Its a great game you made, but im encountering a strange problem. -> The start of Chapter 5 is somehow frozen and nothing happens.
I can see the flight over the map and the cutscene, where my hero is guided from the teleport into the big hall and sits down, but when that one guy announces Pablo nothing else happens.
After he says "Without further ado, please welcome the Guru Grand Poobah...Pablo!" nothing happens - no text, no further cutscene, no possebility to move around.
Everyone is still wiggling around on their spots and chairs, but even after 5 minutes theres nothing happening.

I hope i made myself somehow clear about this bug and hope u can help me.
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I couldn't tell ya. It should work first try.
Nevermind! It just worked. I don't know why it didn't before, but it just did. Maybe it's set up so I have to search the same spot multiple times before the cave will reveal? Anyhoo thanks again!
Hi Kentona!
Sorry if this was already addressed but I'm really stuck and I didn't know if you could help? I'm looking for the Cave of Wonders and I think maybe I've struck a glitch . . . I've searched every inch of desert between Bombomb and Larak and it doesn't pop up, I even read your FAQ/walkthrough and it still didn't pop up where it should . .. am I going to have to scrap this game? I'm kinda bummed because I'm enjoying this game so much. :)
Regardless, thanks for all your hard work.
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The save button isnt disabled. Did you eun into the memory bug? Where when you attempt to save and the game crashed? I spent months trying to find the cause of that and never found it. So did a lot of other people. Its a really unfortunate bug.

And it has many qualities of Dragon Warrior IV, which was the game I played as a kid and one of the big inspirations for this game. So yeah if you like games of that ilk you'd enjor HR. If not then probablt HR won't appeal to you.

But its a 25 hour long game. You are allowed to save.
For some reason my save button doesn't work. I got half an hour into the game and then got wiped out and lost all my data. This game looks cool and all, but I'm not happy. If you're going to make the save button disabled, you have to make sure the player won't enter combat. Also, I noticed that the game has several qualities from Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. The five chapters, and disappearing children in the first chapter, seem too similar. I don't see what's so good about this.
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Yeah, I *think * it can happen if you use a Teleport spell or Warp Wing while on the upper level of the causeways of Cidney or Bombomb. I forgot to reset the flag for causeways on the event of a teleport or warp. Whoopsies!
I've gotten the glitch where I can't walk under bridges. What was the fix?

Found the fix: just walk unto to any bridge and somehow it will tell the game that shadows are walkthroughable again. This happens in Cidney.
Glitched to where I can't walk under bridges.

Edit: Nevermind, I found the fix.
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I don't remember that bug ever being mentioned! Welp! I am sorry about that one.
Not sure if this was mentioned already, but I ran into a bug. I'm playing in New Game+ so I have an extensive amount of gold. I bought every single item in the Norge auction and then the game just froze. The sprites are still animated and the music is playing but I cannot move or access the menu.
The only irritation I encountered (and it's very minor) is the constant use of "\!" command in the message dialog. Having to constantly push the button to see the next line of dialog is annoying. Other than that, this game was very enjoyable. Well done!
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Will it work if you have VX Ace, Or does it HAVE to be 2k?
It should work without the need to install RM2k3 (the RPG Maker it was made with). If it doesn't let me know.
Will it work if you have VX Ace, Or does it HAVE to be 2k?
Excuse me, sir, but in your contract it forbids you from doing so until this project exceeds the downloads achieved by Pom Gets Wi-Fi.