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Download history

  • kentona
  • 10/25/2009 03:33 PM
I posted this rundown of HR's history in Craze's epic Why Y'all Suck thread. I copied it here for posterity.

Also, I'd like to point out that I added a new gamepage outlining all the other sites on which HR has been featured. It is more for me as a way to track the game than anything, but others might like to see it. Who knows?

A rundown of HR's download history...

Game started in April 2006, intended to be submitted as an entry to some 2 week contest at GW
Submission date comes and goes with no HR entry
kentona releases a demo in late April/May 2006 of Chapter 1
It gets a good reception despite being derivative AND styled using 98% RTP chipsets (especially special because of GW's penchant for OMGCustomChips! -phase at the time)
Legion/Max McGee writes a review gushing about it's gameplay and lamenting about its story
Legion's gets run out of town at GW and joins Ghostlight. kentona follows.
HR gets decent reception at Ghostlight
kentona posts HR on loosecannon gaming (and later Township Games). Gets about a dozen replies.
kentona posts on Skytower Games, gets about 2 replies
kentona posts game on IGP, gets about 20~30 replies, somewhat joins community as the Township Games site goes bust
Several demos are released, usually coinciding with a new Chapter being finished, and then one big overhaul for chapters 1~4. Gets a bunch of downloads (around 1500 I'm estimating, though I have no real clue)
There were 3 threads created at GW for Hero's Realm (for the various releases) each garnering about 4000 views and 100+ posts
Craze lures kentona to RMN via a PM to join #rm2k IRC
kentona creates HR game topic and gamepage at RMN, posting that overhauled version (which was up for over a year), gets 38 posts (I just looked)
kentona gets about 4 emails from people saying HR is popular at the LP forums
kentona posts a game topic for HR on Kobra's Realm - gets about 15 posts
kentona refrains from posting on sites like RRR and RMXP.org because he is aware its an RM2k3 game and doubts it'd get any sort of positive or constructive reception
kentona takes break from HR to start Hellion
kentona works on Chapter 5
kentona becomes admin and busies himself with Top 10 topics, community games and release somethings! and play somethings! and Misaos and who knows what else
Hero's Realm wins a Misao! (Etrian Odyssey Award!)
A few new reviews are written
Craze offers to create new custom graphics for HR. kentona foolishly accepts (lol)
kentona creates the Official HR website. The Guestbook has about a dozen replies (yay!)
Finally, on March 6th, 2009, kentona posts the FULL GAME
Huge reception at RMN. Tons of feedback, gushing, bug posting, etc... (kentona is happy)
kentona releases 2 years of pent up game creation mojo and creates Generica in 10 days shortly thereafter
Goes through 5 iterations before settling on v1.5 (with version 1.1 and 1.3 getting about 1000 downloads each. v1.5 is up to 1295 on RMN)
kentona posts HR on GameJolt. Floats around the Top 5 RPGs ever since. Has about 5 comments and ~200 downloads.
kentona posts HR on GW (again). 166 comments and 9000+ views (great reception, imho)
A Softpedia.com bot picks up HR and auto-posts a download there. Has about 250 downloads (stagnant)
Ephiam PMs kentona about posting HR on a Naruto forum. Has about 5 replies.
kentona posts on Kobra's Realm again. Has about 8 replies
kentona decides to finally take the plunge and post on RRR. Has about 13 replies (but it did get 1 review there!)
kentona follows up with that by whoring out HR on RMRK, HBGames and RPGCrisis
-RMRK: 7 replies, mostly of the "looks cool!" variety
-HBGames: 4 posts
-RPGCrisis: about 10 posts
kentona still receives emails and PMs about the game (maybe 30 emails/PMs in total to date)
kentona posts the design documents for HR in a thread at RMN. People are like, "Wow."
kentona mentions HR at every opportunity he gets
kentona appreciates every last bit of praise or derision HR gets
kentona is tired of referring to himself in the 3rd person

*Generica (aka HR-Lite) also has a similar post count total as HR around the community, though with only about 500 downloads total. Between RMN, GameJolt and Softpedia, HR v1.5 has a grand total of 1700 downloads.


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Wow! That is quite a history; quite fitting for an epic game like HR. :)
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Hey, it's finally over 2000 downloads for version 1.5!

With the totals from GameJolt and Softpedia it now has about 2600 downloads.
This is an epic you deserve any praise that you get. It looks like you originally did not get a lot of great feedback. This goes to show that a great game will get its due respect. If you stick in there and get it finished.
This game really does deserve alot of praising and respect it's amazing to me how you devoted so much
time on it.
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