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Chapter 5 mini-walkthrough:http://rpgmaker.net/games/82/walkthrough/
Four Towers walkthrough:http://rpgmaker.net/games/82/4towers/
Grundo Manor walkthrough:http://rpgmaker.net/games/82/grundo/
High level items:http://rpgmaker.net/games/82/gooditems/
Class tiers (as judged by kentona):http://rpgmaker.net/games/82/tiers/
Tiny Medal Locations:http://rpgmaker.net/games/82/tinymedals/

If you are having trouble reading the font, download this font pack and unzip this file. Install the fonts in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

Q: How many chapters are there?
A: There are 5 chapters. Chapters 1 through 4 deal with a single hero while Chapter 5 brings them all together.

Q: Is that stupid Memory Bug Crash error fixed?
A: Yes, it seems to be. It has not been reported in over 6 months now. I think it was a bad MIDI file that triggered it. I have deleted the suspected offending MIDI files. NO. It still exists. Save often and to many different save slots.

Q: What exactly is this memory bug with your game?
A: After extended periods of play (anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours) the music would suddenly cut out. If you save your game after that point, RM2k3 will throw an error and destroy your savefile. The error message will refer to the memory stream.

Q: How do I Search Underfoot?
A: Press the SHIFT key to search underfoot.

Q: How do I get an authentic Cobra Club Member Card?
A: After speaking with the guard to the Cobra Club's hideout, visit the Stromholm jail at night and speak to the imprisoned Cobra Club leader King Cobra. Out of the goodness of his heart, he will give you his member card.

Q: How do I cross the gap on the 5th floor of Balthalas' Tower?
A: You need a ladder. Try searching in the basement (after completing the puzzle on the 3rd floor)

Q: Where is the entrance to the Countess' Tower?
A: In the western forests of Hasara, there are many meadows that dot the map. Try investigating there for a hidden shrine.

Q: Where is Niddly Wormwood?
A: Niddly Wormwood is hiding out in one of the Ancient Temples found in the northern mountain range of Hasara. You must clear all of the special chests in all 4 temples for Niddly to appear.

Q: How do I win the Emperor's favor?
A: You must win the Major Circuit in the coliseum's Kumite Tournament. Speak to the chancellor on the second floor of the coliseum to officially receive the favor.

Q: How do I find the Cave of Wonders?
A: You can find it by searching underfoot in the coastal desert south of Larak. South of the jungle wilderness of Indhopal there is a desert. Use the Search Underfoot function to search every inch of the desert.

Q: I can see my reflection in the big mirror. Now what?
A: After you have discovered the magic words from the inmate of the Bombomb jails, speak to your reflection. Answer the questions correctly to switch places with your reflection and gain access to the Cave of Truth.

Q: Did you really have to name Sweden Ikeia?
A: It's not Sweden. It was inspired by Sweden, Norway and Finland. Besides, Ikeia fits.

Q: How long do you think it will take to beat the game?
A: It can take anywhere from 15 hours to 40+ hours, depending on how many sidequests you embark upon.

Q: My speed is messed up! Help?
A: Press the '5' key to reset the speed.

Q: In chapter 5, somehow my party switching got disabled. How can I fix it?
A: Try re-entering and leaving the Four Towers in Estrucas to reset the party switching.

Q: Where can I find the White Elfstone?
A: Head back to Indhopal, cross the river at the Towers of Ziam (just south of Skatmandu) and make your way east to Parvinder. Just north of there you can find the Shelob's Lair. The white elfstone is inside.

Q: I've noticed that you can choose Champion, Sage and Joker when you are first making your team at the outposts. Is this a bug?
A: You've stumbled into the secret perimeter of wisdom! (They are secret classes, available from the start, but I wasn't about to reveal that in public).

Q: Where and how I can get all of the elfstones?
A: They are only available in chapter 5. There is a divination room in Arborlon that gives hints as to the locations of the elfstones.

But here they are anyway:
1. In the Pit of Peril (visible in Chapter 1) - on an island just west of Norsland. There is a separate teleportal room in the Norsland Shrine locked by a magic door. After getting the Magic key, use the teleportal to get to the island.
2. In the Badon Crypt (visible in Chapter 2) - in the abandoned village of Badon in the southeast tip of the desert there is a stone building locked by a magic door. After getting the Magic key, open the door and enter the crypt.
3. At the peak of Mt. Neverest (visible in Chapter 3) - at the giant mountain near Okasa there is a large wall with a magic door. After getting the Magic key and sailing to Jomongu with the ship, open the door and ascend the mountain.
4. Atop the Tower on the Lake (visible in Chapter 4) - in the center of the lake near Bombomb, there is an island with a tower on it. After getting the airship, pilot it to the island and ascend the tower.

Q: What's the time setting for getting into the Druid's house in Parvinder?
A: The time is 8:43

Q: What is different in New Game+?
A: New Game+ is simply the same game except that you get to keep your levels and classes and equipment. Nothing too special.

Q: How do I get the bridge built in the Grundo manor well?
A: You have to discover the bridge is out, and then, in the manor, enter a new workorder in the carpenter's workbook. He will then go to the broken bridge, but will need lumber to fix it. Go back up to the storage shed and find a pile of broken wood and collect some lumber. Bring it back to the carpenter.

Q: How do you get the key for Elfros in Chapter 5?
A: The keycard is in the ancient ruins on the frozen island Tundraca. You need an airship to get there.

Q: In chapter 2, how do I unlock the door Niddly Wormwood went through?
A: You can't. That's how he escapes. You'll just have to keep on going to Tohl and Tyrsis and hope you cross paths again.

Q: How do I disable the large spikes in the Four Towers?
A: The switch is in the west-most tower, but is blocked by large spikes. Ascend to the third floor of that tower and fall down at a strategic location to get behind the spikes.

Q: I didn't make a party of all women (or all men) and I can't get into the special rooms in San Vegas. What can I do?
A: For the special rooms in San Vegas that only allow men/women, know that they only count party members that are alive...so, let the men die! (or women, depending) and give it a shot. I didn't leave you hanging.

Q: I'm having trouble acquiring the magic/master key. I see the area south of the wall, and I see the down staircase there, but I can't figure out how to get to the bottom of that staircase. Hints, please?
A: If you go into the house near the well, there is a stairwell into the cellar. In the cellar, there is a wall with a switch. Hit it and a secret passage will open. Follow it to the end (it's pretty short) and you'll pop out on the other side of the wall.

Q: How do I get the balloon gas recipe from Grundo Manor?
A: Check out the Solving the riddle of the Grundo Manor walkthrough for hints.

Q: The upper causeway is blocked in Cidney and I can't visit Cid because of it. Help?
A: I think I've figured out how it might happen. If you teleport (by using a Warp Wing or Return spell) while on the upper causeway the switch that tells the game that you are on the upper level stays on. When you return to Cidney, it still thinks you're on the upper part and thus all the sides of the causeways are set to block.

To fool the game to fix it, walk up the nearby ladder on the weapon shop and go back down. It will reset that switch and everything will work again.

Q: In the first part of Chapter 5, for the 3rd artifact, how to I get across the Monaboraba Desert to the town of Sudash?
A: There is no other way to get to Sudash other than through the desert. There are randomly placed Windstorm events that throw you around. The trick is persistence - sooner or later you will happen upon a path through the desert to Sudash.

However, if you are frustrated, here is a path that will work:

From the northern most entrance to the desert, here are the directionalities and number of step on desert tiles that you have to take to cross safely:
Right - 9
Up - 14
Right - 19
Up - 2
Right - 12

The other option, the longer but safer one, would be to hug the mountain range along the south and east. so just go to the southernmost entrance to the desert and walk along right next to the mountains until you get to Sudash.

Q: How do I get past the ice sliding puzzle in the Cave of Wonders (in chapter 3)?
A: After entering the Cave of Wonders, take the leftmost path to get to the ice sliding. Do this:

Then in the lava area grab a series of ladders and cross the lava. After grabbing the lamp, run around the lava lake, grab the last ladder and use it to get to the teleportal. Take it to zip back up the cave and run to the exit.

Q: Help! I am playing New Game+ and in Chapter 3, after fighting in the Kumite, my party is gone!
A: This is a bug in the map. Download the fix here:

Here is the link. Overwrite the existing file, and your party should join you again after you fight in the kumite. IF you have saved the game after losing your party, go to the armorstand on the left near the entrance of the Coliseum and hit Enter. This will re-add your party members.


To get the master classes you must find one of the 4 elfstones hidden in Chapter 5, and take it to the Temple of Class Change.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
I know I mentioned this in the comments, but the men's club is accessible in New Game+. I have 2 parties of both just men and women and tried all four (just for kicks) and I can't get in. I haven't tired to kill anyone off, but considering the strength of my current party, I don't know if I could. Not a big deal, considering there really isn't a whole lot in either club, but I thought I's make you aware.
I wonder why that is...
Wat is the exakt plaze for the sunken city?(Lat.67,Long.147)?????Please help me Kentona!
I thought I had a screenshot handy of this, but I can't find it, so I will have to get it to you tomorrow, from my other computer. Hang tight!

(Also, did you find the Compass yet? it is in the old hut in the northern forests. It is helpful)
I thought I had a screenshot handy of this, but I can't find it, so I will have to get it to you tomorrow, from my other computer. Hang tight!

(Also, did you find the Compass yet? it is in the old hut in the northern forests. It is helpful)[/quote I have the Compass ,i can`t find noting at tid Place(Lat 67-Long 147).
Here is a screenshot of the location:

You have to search underfoot (by pressing Shift) when standing on that middle tile identified in the screenshot.
1.Wo i can find the Bruder von the Queen in Alesandria?2.Wo i find in the World the Merkant? 3.Wat must i make wite the Buttercup Squash ?Danke Giaco
1. The Queen of Aleksandria will give you the recipe for Iocane Powder, but I can't remember what you have to do to get it. I will have to check.

2. I am not sure what you are after here...

3. The Buttercup squash is sold on Tortuga island. Take back 20 (I think) to the Dread Pirate in Jomungu and he will give you the world map. You need a boat to do this.
How can i remuve the cursed swords back in Menue?all coused Items.
Couldn't think of anywhere better to complain that the memory glitch hit me...
Edit: Sorry, I posted this in the wrong place. I meant to post is in the main comment section.

Hi there people.

I'm having a but of trouble getting what I assume is the first elfstome you can get in the game, whixh from what I've seen of Deckiller's LP is the green elfstone, which gives you Daredevils.

Anyways according to the FAQ, it's here:

1. In the Pit of Peril (visible in Chapter 1) - on an island just west of Norsland. There is a separate teleportal room in the Norsland Shrine locked by a magic door. After getting the Magic key, use the teleportal to get to the island.

The problem however is that I can't figure out how to get to the island. Wher exactly is this said teleportal?

Thank you for your time.
How can i remuve the cursed swords back in Menue?all coused Items.
Wow, I missed this one.

Welp, you cannot remove curses on weapons/equipment - they will always be cursed. I wasn't clever enough to implement a system whereby you can uncurse a weapon to reveal an uber powerful one.

As for removing cursed equipment from players, you can visit a temple and talk to a priestess - she will remove cursed items for a fee.

For the teleportal, it is like the FAQ says: go to the Norsland Shrine on the north coast of the mainland of Norsland (the one that you recharged with dilithium crystals back in chapter 1). On the right hand side of the shrine there is a narrow hallway - follow it to find the teleportal to the small island. You need the magic key.
Are the items that you steal random? Can you steal equipment too or no? I'm near the start of the game so far.
Let me take a look at the code for the Steal skill tomorrow. It honestly been so long that I can't remember!
Let me take a look at the code for the Steal skill tomorrow. It honestly been so long that I can't remember!

Thanks. Having a Thief early on has definitely helped out already in gearing my party properly. Hopefully I can steal equipment too later on so I can keep them around ^^;;

BTW, there also seems to be a damage reduction from using bows from the back row. Is this intentional? Seems like a Ranged class would be better off using a Sword and Shield and just stay in the front row than shooting from the back.
The damage reduction is unavoidable, unfortunately. The engine I used was simply not capable of having weapons that would have the same damage as back row. Believe me, I tried. :<

Also, I took a look at the code, and double-unfortunately, I just made the steal skill steal items (Medicinal/Antidote/Moon/Hide/Life herbs, warp wings, wizard potions or gold).
Alright, thanks for the answer. Still helpful early on when you're short on gold and need some to outfit the party. Faster than fighting the monsters around there.
What does a Makibishi do? I don't see any info of it in the items section.