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Cid the engineer is working on building an airship but all of his attempts to make the lighter-than-air gas to give the ship buoyancy have failed (sometimes disastrously!). Rumor has it that a band of adventures in the olden days had an airship captained by the brave Theodore Ruxpin. Sadly, he died in a terrible crash and with him the recipe for balloon gas was lost.

Your only hope is that he recorded the recipe somewhere. You must investigate his Grundo Manor (south of Tyrsis in Hasara) to see if you can find it.

1) When entering Grundo Manor during the day for the first time, everything seems a tad suspicious. Where is everyone? Why is the manor in such a state of disrepair? Why are there bones littering the grounds? With enough exploring you will come across a letter on a bookshelf on the second floor.

2) Visiting the Grundo Manor at night reveals a different scene: there are people walking about, the doors are locked and everyone has a vaguely unsettling vibe.

3) The doors are locked and they are controlled by a lever, but the lever is jammed and beyond your ability to fix. Unfortunately, the handyman's tools are missing. You can find his inept apprentice in the garden.

4) Return during the day and search underfoot where the apprentice is standing.

5) Return the tools to the handyman at night and he will unjam the lever and unlock the doors.

6) Inside you'll find that the fire is out and the old lady in the dining room is too cold to leave the door open, preventing you from continuing. The chimney sweep is needed to clean the stack so that a fire can be lit.

7) The chimney sweep is in the cellar drinking wine. Return during the day and drink all his wine on him.

8) Returning at night, you'll find that the fire has been lit and that the old lady will let you by. Unfortunately, now the bodyguard won't let you pass into the chamber where the letter was left. Inside you will see an old man. Perhaps he holds the secret to the balloon gas recipe?

9) After speaking with the butler you'll find out that he has the password but he is so preoccupied with the watch he lost that he won't give it to you. Investigating the well outside, you'll find a small boy hunting for the watch. However, the bridge is out and a carpenter is needed to fix it.

10) Return during the day to find the carpenter's itinerary. Make an entry to repair the bridge.

11) Returning at night, you will find the carpenter in the well willing to fix the bridge, but he hasn't the wood planks he needs and he's too lazy to get them himself.

12) If you check the workshop at night, an annoying cat blocks your access to wood planks. Return at night and step over his dead body to retrieve the materials.

13) Return to the well at night and give the planks to the carpenter. He will fix the bridge post-haste and you can find the missing watch.

14) Give the watch back to the incompetent butler and he will be so grateful he will give you the password.

15) Give the password to the bodyguard and he will let you pass. Now you may speak with the old man and find out his secrets.

From there on return to Cidney and speak with Cid the engineer. He will be able to make use of the recipe to build you an airship.