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Gavaroc - Let's Play Hero's Realm (Videos 1-7)

As I return to Let's Playing after a 2+ year hiatus, I've decided to delve into RMN Let's Plays, starting with Hero's Realm! Uploading one video per day to my channel, but going to be posting here weekly with updates of 7 videos at a time! I'm not really going for an informative 'guide' Let's Play here, my style is more geared towards entertainment and stumbling through the game, so by all means don't take it too seriously. Also I backlog my recordings, meaning I am generally at least ten videos ahead of my most recent upload, so if you see me miss something its entirely possible I've gotten back to it later on.

Here is the first update, taking us from the beginning of the game to Helminsk!
NOTE: A lot of my commentary at the beginning of the first video is addressed to my old viewers, as like I said I'd come off of a VERY long period of inactivity. Also, videos 1 and 7 are at a lower volume due to a mistake on my part. Sorry!