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Hero's Realm Really Delivers

Hero's Realm really has 22 character classes (12 base classes, 4 hero classes, 3 secret classes, 3 master classes).
Hero's Realm really has TONS of game content and sidequests, sprawled across a truly massive world map.
Hero's Realm really has Classic NES-era RPG gameplay.
Hero's Realm really has 100 hidden tiny medals for you to collect.
Hero's Realm really has:
-Day-Night system
-Multi-party switching system (like Kefka's Tower in FFVI!)
-Multi-party tactical battles (at least 5 of them!)
Hero's Realm has, to our great relief, tongue firmly-in-cheek.

Hero's Realm really has fun! Both in the sense that fun is waiting within it for you, and its creator obviously had fun making it (which always makes a game more enjoyable to play).

Hero's Realm, in short, has all those features every RPG Maker game promises, and so, so, so pitifully few deliver. If you like (s)NES-era jRPGs, and you're not playing Hero's Realm, why the heck not? Answer that and stay fashionable.

"I didn't want to go to sleep last night so I could keep playing this, which is much more than I can say about Exit Fate."

"This game... kicks ass."

"I hate RPG Maker games but if this were a review, I'd say 10.5/10."

"I'm really loving this game and the old school feel. Balance feels perfect thus far."

"I only just reached Chapter 2, but I'm already loving this game and will be spending my free time playing it until completion."

"P.S. This game kicks ass."

"A cohort of mine today said that this game was better than DQ4."

"So, today I learned that slamming FISTS OF ROCK into Giants and Deinosaurs is very, very fun."

"You've probably heard it so many times by now, but I don't suppose it will get old - this really is awesome."

"I gotta say, this is one of the best rm2k3 games I've ever played...so much care went into the production of this...good job"

"There is just so much in this game I can't believe someone made it."

"I would totally pay for a game as good as this one."

"I love Hero's realm..its one of the best rm2k3 games i've ever played! Nice nice and nice!"

"Heroes Realm is a great game. My wife has been playing it for many hours"

"This is my favorite any RPG maker game...Anyway just wanted to say thanks for making a fun game, I would've seriously paid money for it."
-The Wizard 007

"When I run Hero's Realm and play it, I feel good. What praise could be greater?"

"This background should win a Misao."

"Despite my gripes, this really, really is an awesome game. Seriously, go get a job in game design or something. You'll be doing us all a favor."

" Hero's Realm has a lot to offer. The pace is great, the customization is great. It's good indie art. I guess I'd just suggest that the art might actually be better than the author gives himself credit for. It's not just a lark; it's contributing to indie-game culture... that should be borne in mind. Thanks for the game!"

"Ich bin fertig mit dem Spiel und fange sofort nochmal an ,denn das Spiel ist echt spitzen klasse.Ich muss dir ein grosses Kompliment machen für die gute arbeit die du da abgeliefert hast.Ich hoffe das du noch mehr von diesen Spielen hast,wenn ja gib mir den Link dafür,ich würde mich sehr freuen!Einfach KKLLLAAASSSEEE!"

A story by Viril:
And now, an amusing story I was too stupid and forgetful to include in the above post and might not of fit anyway because I talk to much and haven't used nearly enough punctuation in this sentence.


Anyway! Recently I picked up a 'little' free game called "Hero's Realm". It's an old-school RPG styled similar to old Final Fantasys(Fantasies? What's the proper grammar when working with names here?) and Dragon Warriors. In particular, it has a job system similar to FFV. Also of note is that there are *four* parties in the game which you control. Each has one 'fixed' hero character, whom you can only name(but has a default name), and three 'generics' of whom you can select name, class, and gender.

By the third chapter, at which point you construct your third party, I was running quite dry on names. I managed one, then found myself looking at the last two characters, utterly unsure of what to call them. First I made a 'Champion'. His exclusive job was to hit things until they no longer required any more violence. I thought a bit and decided, "Why not borrow some names?" So I thought a bit, and since I had recently been cavorting in the caves with a certain fighter, one name stuck in my mind.

So the Champion became Garradum.

The last party member was a 'Goof-off'. I had, at the time, NO IDEA what this guy was good for, but I wanted a rogue and I hadn't made one of these yet. So, I thought a bit, and after some waffling decided only one name truly fit, despite the character differences.

So the Goof-off became Isidor.

As expected in an RPG, my first instinct was to power-level some suckas. So I went out of town, encountered some blatantly weak baddies, and just hit 'FIGHT' for everyone. I'm only half paying attention, but something catches my eye. "What the...was that a magic effect? Must have been the monster." So the fight ends, and then I do another. This time I'm watching more closely, and sure enough, Isidor's turn rolls around and he trips...falls...and apparently misses the enemy. "Huh. Weird. Why does he fight funny?"

So a third fight. This time I don't just rush through, and notice the Goof-off doesn't actually HAVE a fight command. They can sing, steal, and...goof-off. The default option. So I try it. He trips...falls...and Garradum explodes. His trip did something like ten to fifteen times Garradum's HP in damage.

Thus did I learn that no matter the setting, Isidor is always as much of a threat to his allies as his enemies. And that apparently he holds a grudge for Garradum surviving when he didn't, way back when.

"The best I've seen outside of the work from the Exit Fate dude is a game called Hero's Realm. It's a Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy 5, 3, & 1 hybrid that combines the adventuring of and party customization of DQ3 and the story progression of DQ4.
The class system is modeled after FF 5. I can't go back to the originals after playing that game. It's that good."
-Krhyme Assassyn

i have to say this is fun bro thank u for making this game i give it a 10/10

Ha ha, Hero's Realm is sex.

"Hero's Realm: while uneven and perhaps packed w/ too much stuff, this game better captures the appealing qualities of Dragon Quest and early Final Fantasy than most other games made in the engine I've seen"
-yamata no orochi