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One of the best for sure

So I read about this on a website earlier in this week, and seeing as how I simply loved the games it's based upon to death, thought I would give it a try.

I ended up getting completely addicted. No joke, I played about 40 hours of this game in 5 days.

I debated about what I would rate this for a long time, I loved it so badly that I wanted to five star it, but at the same time, I can think of suggestions/improvements to be made.. so I guess it's not PERFECT. Hence the 4.5.

Story: I really liked it, stayed away from alot of the cheesy un-original stuff you see in alot of games. The way the hero's came together was great. Although, while I can see you really wanted to keep focus off the four main characters, I think that kind of took away from them story-wise. There could've been ways to have them more involved in the story without labeling them as the chosen warriors of whatever. Towards the end of the game I felt myself getting less and less attached to the main characters, and more and more attached to just one party.

Balance: I found the game to be way too easy. Although in at the start the game was quite difficult, once your skills started filling out I didn't have trouble dealing with anything. I wiped out the last couple divine item bosses in 2-3 turns. I had my Champion hitting for 1500 damage 12-15 times in a row.. that really cuts through bosses quickly. (and makes random fights much easier too) The final boss in a bit longer simply because of when it switched forms. Some skills are just way too incredibly overpowered. Pummel + Sword of Aborlon is just way too much pwnage. Especially when you can put permanent haste/bkill on that character with some nifty items. Some of the equipment in the game just seemed way too god-like for me. Dual-Wielding and multiple attack weapons basically made magic users impotent. Especially since you could even find certain weapons to damage ghosts..

Classes: The class system you have is really great, and I like the DW3 element of re-classing later in the game. Although it's kind of pointless since you can pick those classes at the start. Not to mention, pretty much every class save the master/secret ones sucked. Big time. It seemed like a class was either severely overpowered or severely underpowered.. the secret classes made the game way way too easy. And the master classes I think would be nice if you couldn't choose them from the start, there should be a penalty for picking them (re-starting at level 1), and no way to bypass it.

I also hated pretty much all of the main hero classes.. towards the end of the game they were all the weaker characters in my party. I don't think it should be like that. Their skill sets just had too wide a variety to make them useful. They should have had specialized classes instead in my opinion.

Puzzles: Some of them should be made tougher.. not much point including a puzzle if it's such a piece of cake to get by. I don't think I ever got stumped once, save during one of the number patterns in the city near Catan, (i swear your pattern is wrong) which I could conveniently skip for a couple extra battles.

Also, the ability to do most of the puzzles with one party defeats the purpose of having multi-party puzzles. I even opened the very last gate thing or whatever using just one team, just because I disliked my other teams.


-Didn't like the Maze-athons, it's a nice idea, but when you get the same prize for all 4 it kind of makes you not want to do them.
-I read alot about the game before playing and was excited about the "huge worldmap and endless side quests". Kind of disappointed because most places on the worldmap you passed through by the storyline, and after the first four chapters I didn't see many side quests. There weren't even that many prior to that either.
-Why did you put a level cap on the Colosseum? After having some characters levels cut in half and some set to zero I was sad to learn that I had to farm like crazy if i wanted to finish the colosseum storyline. I think that's the only thing in the game I didn't complete. What bothered me more was that when I finally got all my characters to average level 25 or 35, the monster I fought was a piece of cake.. dieing without even damaging me.
-What's the point of new game+ if you didn't add anything extra? I can't imagine anyone that would want to play through again on such an easy difficulty. There's so much potential there to add a hardcore mode or something. I think that would be really neat. Or even an altered storyline or something.
-Was kind of wishing for some kind of endgame bonus dungeon or something.. FF style. Oh well :(

Overall: It's weird, I mentioned almost exclusively negative things about this game.. but I still love it to death, am going to recommend it to all my gamer friends, probably play through again once I get to university, and am going to follow most of kentona's upcoming projects. Even with all the things I didn't like, it's still by far one of the best rpg's I've ever played!



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"The way the hero's came together was great". I don't remember this part, wish I did. :3
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
What did you mean about the Colosseum when you said that your hero's levels were cut in half or set to zero?
When you're so cool you can troll your own website.
Thanks for the review! Though like you said it is a bit light on the reasons why you liked it so much. While I (probably) won't muck around with this game, I will take what you've told me here and apply it to future projects.

Thanks for playing and taking the time to write a review!
What did you mean about the Colosseum when you said that your hero's levels were cut in half or set to zero?

You get access to colloseum at the same time as temple of class change, so if you want to upgrade your classes, their levels get nerfed, which is kind of annoying for the colloseum level cap
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