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A Very Inspiring Project

As a tremendous love-letter to games of old, HR is a very successful piece of work. It moves fast, doesn't bog the player down in pounds of dialogue and exposition, and feels evenly paced and balanced. Also, the class distinctions are strong and diverse, keeping the game's party mechanics fun and engaging. Though the story is simple, I love the details throughout; it feels as if great thought was given to the world and its design, which is a bountiful breath of fresh air.

Having said this, there are a few issues of critical review. The biggest and most alarming problem I experienced within the entire length of the game was the absolutely mind-boggling number of back attacks and attack for both sides, and pincer attacks. These traits are taken directly from FF6, and while it is nice to juggle some dynamics within the encounter system, every instance of these occurring, even the good one where you surprise the enemy, result in a large decrease in attack accuracy. This makes a regular battle take about 45 seconds too long, and it adds up quickly when you experience 4-5 of these in a row.
Also, there's no real comparison: the Harlequin is without a doubt the most under-performing class. So much so, that within five minutes of choosing this class, I regretted it immensely.
It felt odd, to be given the freedom to create four parties, and then realize that the characters for each were immovable between heroes. I was very much expecting all four to combine, so I would be able to pick and choose.

On the whole, this was a wonderful surprise for me, in terms of quality and polish, and even with a few mishandlings here and there, I would definitely recommend Hero's Realm to any RPG fan!


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With a bit of luck the Harlequin can be an incredibly powerful spellcaster. But yeah I would rank them lower tier overall.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the review!
I always preferred at least one Harlequin. Of course, it depends on what cards you get but they can be incredibly powerful. Also the back/side issue is from a bug in the engine itself that messes with the accuracy, unfortunately. There's not really anything to be done for that.
I really was impressed with this game. It's no secret that the average rpgmaker project is pretty poor, and hero's realm is certainly three cuts above the norm! kudos, my friend.

and yeah, i didn't know about the bug with the engine, but i guessed something like that must be the case.
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