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Absolute masterpiece with very few flaws

  • kaneusta
  • 03/21/2018 09:25 PM
Finishing my 5th replay of this throughout the span of the past 7 years, I find myself consistently coming back to do another playthrough of this game time and time again.

It's crafted beautifully for an RPG Maker game with a unique aspect of the 4-Parties system. Being able to be so flexible with your class system is wonderful and while the story is a simple, straightforward plot, it doesn't disappoint and one of the most fleshed out game. A run-through of the game can take an upward to 25 hours and takes advantage of the Day and Night system. (Some Tiny Medals are locked behind NPC blocking/barricading a pot or shelf that can only be seen at night)

Splitting the game into 2 separate components, 4 prologues and the main chapter is a concept I haven't seen before but absolutely adored. The game starts with 4 separate chapters each revolving around one of the main heroes, and the end of each chapter results in every single one of those protagonist heading towards the capital to which you can work with any of the party at any time.

The only reason why I would not give this game 5 stars is bugs and balancing issues. Things like Toss being irrelevant from the very beginning and how powerful weapons get as you progress through the game that Magic gets overshadowed heavily by pure attack and is relegated to a supporting-archetype.

Templar, Channeler, and Daredevil are amazing powerhouse classes that make the game an absolute joke, but they are gated being optional content that you don't have to do so I don't hold it against it, I just recommend to not use any of them unless you want to trivialize the content.

There are also various bugs in the game some of which could be game-breaking (But the Creator of the game is still extremely active despite making this over a decade ago and will fix the problem if you message him within the same day to an upward of 3 days)

This game is a masterpiece that held up over the years for an RPG maker game and I can not wait for the Heroic edition, buying it immediately once it goes on sale because of the number of hours I've put in this game already clocks over 100 hours. I hope the new edition will fix bugs but more importantly fix balancing issues in terms of the weapons or increase the difficulty as well as adding more optional content to do/optional bosses. It holds the true definition of an Old-Time RPG and for any fans of retro RPG, I would heavily recommend this one.


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I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
*wipes away a tear* thank you.

I am extremely amazed that you've played through the game 5 times and clocked over 100 hours. That's incredible.

I hope to not disappoint with the Steam remaster!
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