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The world of Nerth is a peaceful place, with brave knights, benevolent kings and content people. The Gurus, an cadre of Wise Old Men and Wise Old Women, kept watch over the world. Everyone was happy.

12 years ago, the great Guru clairvoyant Alistair had a vision...

"I have had a vision," said Alistair, "The Child of Light has been born!"

The Child of Light! While this is great news, it carries with it a dark realization... The return of Mephistocles, the Lord of Demons, is nigh. To prevent panic from gripping the world, the Gurus kept the vision a secret.

And then...the Void of the World opened. The barrier between the Demon World and Nerth was weakening.

"It is time for action," said the great Guru Grand Poobah Pablo, "Messengers, send word to all the Kings and Queens in all the lands of Nerth. The War of Darkness is upon us - send us your greatest heroes. The Forces of Light needs the bravest warriors, the most talented mages, and the pluckiest rogues if we ever hope to defeat the Forces of Evil."

And so the word was sent out, and the world awaits with bated breath for the return of the Lord of Demons...

Rumor has it that the children of Norsland have been disappearing, and the King can ignore it no longer. He sends for the land's greatest tracker to get to the bottom of this mystery.

The mines are in peril! Before the King of Hasara can send forth its heroes, the trouble at the mines have to be resolved. It is up to a promising magus acolyte to prove her mettle!

The son of the great ninja master takes up the call of Gurus on the island nation of Jomongu. He sets off to fight in The Kumite to win the Emperor's favor...

A young monk from Indhopal sets off from his monastary, determined to answer the call of the Gurus. But the Sultan refuses the petition! In fact, he has refused all petitions from all the heroes of Indhopal wishing to answer the Guru's call! Something is not right...

The heroes come together to defeat Mephistocles and reseal the Void of the World.