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This is a quick high-level walkthrough for Chapter 5 of Hero's Realm. For more detailed or specific questions regarding the game, please post a new comment and I will respond as soon as I can.

CHAPTER 5 ::..
There are 3 Divine items on the mainland that you can attempt to retrieve once Chapter 5 starts. In fact, you NEED to get them to be able to advance through the game.

Spoiler, Highlight Text To Read Walkthrough:

1. Travel to Jardin (north coast of mainland)
2. Chat with Queen, and then chat with Queen at night to win her favor - get permission from King
3. Travel through Jermanian Tunnels to the Desolate Valley
4. Find and ascend the Colossus and pilot it to the Inverted Tower
5. Smash open mountain entrance
6. Find the divine artifact within, and fight your way out against Gormly Wormwood and a multiparty battle

Remus/Four Towers
1. Travel to Remus, unlock Magic Key quest
2. Travel to Stromholm (from chapter 1) and rescue King Cobra from jail at night - rewarded with key
3. Travel to Four Towers (south of Stromholm across the mountains) and ascend them
4. Recover the Divine Halo

Queensbridge/Arborlon/White Elfstone
1. Travel to Queensbridge and learn about the Fellowship of the Stone and their quest to the Indhopal jungles
2. Retrace their steps through the desert and Sudash
3. Cross the Indhopal river at the Towers of Ziam (just south of Skatmandu from Ch.4)
4. Find a village of Parvinder on the far east coast.  Learn of Shelob (who ate the remaining Fellowship members)
5. Find Shelob's lair north of Parvinder, kill it, and retrieve the White Elfstone
6. Return to the Mysterious Pit (in Indhopal) or the Arborlon Pit (back in Westland) and restore the lost city
7. Talk to the Prophet-King in the restored city of Arborlon to receive the divine artifact

Now that you have the mainland taken care of, you need a ship. Port Kells of Monaboraba is a great place to find a ship.

To get a ship:

You need the Queen's Letter to secure a boat from the dockmaster in Port Kells.
1. Go to the Pyramid on the north end of the Monaboraba Desert
2. Defeat the Machin Shin
3. The sandstorm is now over, so go to Aleksandria and talk to the Queen to get the Letter
4. Return to Port Kells and talk to the Dockmaster.  For 30,000 gold he will sell you a ship

The next two Divine items are in the north, in Ikeia and Kremsland.

Spoiler, Highlight Text To Read Walkthrough:

1. Using the ship, navigate north around the Cadana Peninsula, through the straights, and across the North Sea to Norge.
2. Talking to the King and townsfolk, you find that the Divine item had sunk to the bottom of the North Sea when Tritonis fell victim to an earthquake 500 years ago.
3. The old librarian in the King's quarters knows of a "location" - not sure of what.  Record those coordinates.
4. Travel north in Ikeia to the Hinterland Hut.
5. Search underfoot in the hut's fireplace to find the Hinterland Compass
6. Return to your ship in the North sea, travel to the coordinates (using the Compass as a guide) and search underfoot
7. The entrance to Tritonis will be revealed.
8. Enter the Undersea Caverns, find the lost city of Tritonis, open all 12 chests hidden within to secure the Divine item

HINT:  In Koby (south coast of Jomongu) there is the Dread Pirate Roberts, who has a world map.  Now that you have a ship, he will give you a World Map in exchange for a small favor.

1. Using the ship, travel along the south and then east coast of Indhopal, following it past the mountains to the snowy plains.
2. Get off, and follow the river to Marx, capital of Kremsland
3. Learn of the undead tyrants roaming the plains at night with the Black Elfstones.
4. Fight on the plains until you defeat each of the 3 tyrants
  - one can be found on the snowy plains northwest of Marx
  - one can be found in the forests to the east of Marx
  - one can be found near the lake in the far west of Marx
5. Once you have all 3 Black Elfstones, the Ethereal Tower is revealed.
6. Ascend the tower to retrieve the Divine item.  Careful, the denizens of the tower are immune to physical attacks.

HINT: There is a Deluminator hidden in Kruschiev to the north.  With it, you can toggle Night and Day, helping to find the tyrants, since they can only be encountered at night.

Returning to Paranor, you should learn that the final two Divine items can only be retrieved if you have an airship.

Throughout the world, people spoke of an old exploration team that used to fly the world in an airship, lead by the adventurous Theodore Ruxpin.  Alas, the airship crashed and Theodore and the engineer who built the airship died.

However, there are rumors of an engineer in Cidney of Ozland working on a new airship.  Too bad Ozland is cut off from the world because of the Bonewall.

To get an airship:

Removing the Bonewall:
1. The Bonewall was put up by a revived Balthalas (from Ch. 1) - Balthalas has laid seige to Okasa in Jomongu!
2. Travel by ship to Okasa
3. Enter the Okasa Crypt and defeat Balthalas.  The Bonewall will crumble when he dies.

Assembling the airship:
1. Travel to Ozland and Cidney by sailing upriver westward.
2. Talk to Cid the Engineer in the northwest tower.  He will tell you he can't get the recipe right.
3. Travel to Kaybee (in Hasara, Ch. 2) and chat with the old man you healed in Chapter 2.  He will tell you of Ruxpin Manor on an island south of Tyrsis
4. Using the Tyrsis Portal, teleport to the island ringed by rocks.
5. Solve the switches of the Swamp Temple to remove the rocks.
6. Reenter your ship and sail to the island with Ruxpin's Manor
7. Solve the riddle of the manor to get the Airship balloon gas recipe
8. Return to Cidney and present Cid with the recipe.  He will be overjoyed, and tells you he needs 6 gas bladders from the Gas Dragon.
9. Defeat 6 Gas Dragons in the east end desert of Ozland
10. Return to Cid to get the Airship

UPDATE: Solving the riddle of the Grundo Manor walkthrough has been posted.

Now you are ready to retrieve the final two Divine items.
Spoiler, Highlight Text To Read Walkthrough:

Tundraca and the ancient ruins:
1. There are ancient ruins in Tundraca rumored to contain a Divine item.
2. Fly to Tundraca (the ice island east of Kremsland) and land in a clearing on the north side.
3. Walk to the ruins
4. Find the Divine item within the ruins by disabling the ancient lock and defeating its ancient guardian

Fire Maw Volcano:
1. The volcano on Tortuga is the location of the final Divine item
2. Use the airship to land next to the Fire Shrine.
3. Use the teleportal to go to the volcano
4. Ascend the volcano, defeat the Magma Dragon, and find another teleportal
5. The teleportal takes you halfway around the world to Ice Mountain.
6. Descend Ice Mountain and walk across the forest to The Frozen Throne.
7. You find the Dreadlord Murzhor inside - kill him to get the Divine item.
8. Rush back to Paranor before it's too late.

Refer to the World Map for locations. It's a big world!
I hope this helps!