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Link to an export of the in-game map as an image:
The program I used doesn't handle autotiles very well, so there are a lot of artifacts. Also, events do no appear on this map (so some locations where I used an event to show a graphic aren't visible).


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Upon news of this map achieving Picture of the Moment, the Dow Jones Locker index rose 400 points.
I'm a dog pirate
This world map was one of the things that inspired me to get back into RPG Maker for good.
It's just one of those things, mapping skills us mere mortals could never accomplish. this is an amazing map.
I like to check this macks for its tons of easter eggs.

But I think for gameplay reasons it would just be too big. I prefer smaller maps with more details.
Gameplay reasons?
Maybe he's agoraphobic
Given the casual pace the player explores it, it doesn't feel that big at all. The town-to-dungeon treks are just right, and there aren't many "where was it, again?" moments.
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