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Why is there no Ace Attorney on this website?

...is the question I've asked myself numerous times over the past few years. There seem to be quite a few successful visual novels on this website, and the amount of Ace Attorney-related avatars that welp, welp has seen over the years shows that there are at the very least some members who are fans of the franchise. Nevertheless, of the approx. 3500 gamepages, the amount with 'Attorney' in the title was a big, fat, zero.

So I decided to change that. Now there is one.

Also, for the people who hadn't noticed yet, I'm back.


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Believe it or not, I'm in the process of making am ace Attorney game for RPG maker MV, titled Ipso Facto: Space Attorney. It's say a thousand years after the latest game in the series and has plenty to do with aliens and space and futurism and all that jazz. I'd explain more but I'm on mobile now and break is almost over, but I plan on having a full-length game with hand drawn art and everything. I've got a team of friends including me working on it, and I plan to have the first case done before the year ends.
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