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10/25/15 Re-submitted in all of it's mediocre glory!
- Size Reduced (significantly)
- Annoying Ticking Sound fixed
- Izli Desert size reduced by 1/3
- Enemy stats tweaked, a little more challenging (hopefully)

This is so far a 1 hr. - 1.5 hr. demo. I plan to have the full game released in mid-2016.

The story is told in the viewpoint of Cuyan Ramik, a young man from the village of Pleasten in the nation of Valencia. All seems peaceful in his town, at least until a frightening discovery is made, revealing that the town has a hidden and tragic history behind it... The demo, I feel is an excellent chance to display my game-making style, and perhaps draw some advice from some more experienced game makers out there.

I am very passionate about this project, and plan to work my fingers to the bone making improvements to storyline, gameplay, music, animations and everything else as I continue to learn all of the more advanced features of the program. The game runs on VX Ace, so you'll need the Ace RTP. I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Happy Gaming,

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Hey, Dev here,
If there are any bugs or issues found, let me know. Pretty sure I did a good quality control job, but you can always miss something XD Also let me know your thoughts on gameplay, story, soundtracks used, etc. Thanks!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Based off Demo
Random thoughts


are house is weird. the dad has to go thru my room to get to his o.o
at least i get a double bed for when moki sleeps over!

after moki is not in your party the dialog doesn't change with villagers.
thus killing immersion

can head to the mountain area tho you are supposed to go east.
(if i were them i would not want too considering)
you also see more dialog there that should be different. same with the south western exit of town. she still mentions the cave

some more weird mapping that use only roof tiles inside places
like the first town you travel to

exploring felt pointless...many homes with not only no npc there to give a reason to go in but no items to obtain

weren't you supposed to bring that package to your dad? did she say the mayor?

the clock audio is annoying as hell! it just plays every where! starting at some point

the dessert is so big...nope i can't stand this dropped.

General 56M dropped
To start off i do not see potential in this game. there are a lot of immersion killing issues,bugs,the plot and characters is currently boring,its rtp only and the mapping ranges from ok to horrid.
i honestly can't think about anything positive with this experience.
by the time i left the first town it seems like this will be the story you have heard 100-1000 times. with the same boring battles that waste your time further

Needs a lot of work. would not recommend this
Whew, well thank you for your honesty! I kind of expected as much with my first game XD I'll take this feedback into consideration, but I'm definitely going to keep at it! If this one's a bust, I'll work to make it better! I'm sorry you didn't find it enjoyable :/
I could test your game with a lot of screenshots. Your game would then be the second after a horrible bugged german game - but now that demo is bugfree and nearly without gliches like (not) walking through tiles. The dev is just correcting some grammar issues...

I will be as honest as I can - but I can't solve bugs so this will be your turn.
As promised:

I may have missed something.
Suggestion: Fill your houses/tents/dungeons with hidden items/money in cupboards, bowls, etc. , add a hint to follow the directions of the oasises to the desert town
When opening the chests at and in the Tower, you have to hit enter a few times til the message of its interieur appears.
The screens are chronological.

@shayoko: You missunderstood the guards of Rokokos. They understood the message of the package and sent your party to the mayor and called for C.s Dad.
Hey, a first game appears! I liked the writing, could play the game sans mapping. There's a black tile that comes with every default tileset - fold in the empty rooms and make the houses smaller, and dot their edges with the black tile. You shouldn't try to fill the 17x13 for each house (unless you believe the House of Leaves rule should fit your game - that a house REALLY is larger on the inside than the outside).

You've took the default tilesets and used them in interesting ways, not all of them work, however. Overworld tileset as the mountain area? Exciting, and passable. The actual overworld? Disjointed and schizophrenic.

I didn't make it farther than exploring the very first cave, but I'll get to the rest soon.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Whew, well thank you for your honesty! I kind of expected as much with my first game XD I'll take this feedback into consideration, but I'm definitely going to keep at it! If this one's a bust, I'll work to make it better! I'm sorry you didn't find it enjoyable :/

Good man, don't worry about it.
Listen to those who give you good advice, not just tell you how terrible your game is.
Keep working at it and don't forget the forum. You can get a lot of good information on the forum.
Hey all, got some good bug-fixing suggestions from Shayoko, a laundry list of easily fixable issues. Thank you all for your comments, and I'll release a bug free demo here in a few days, because I played through it again and was like man I jumped the gun on that release XD So if you all are interested enough, I'll drop that and keep working on it. I wanted to improve the quality of mapping using a GIMP tutorial I found online, but that gave me some unintentional Event issues... so my plan as it stands now, is to continue utilizing the stock tilesets and sprites from the RTP to finish the first part of the story, and then on Part 2 I'll start getting into heavy detail as far as mapping and start using more advance development techniques, script editing, etc. I've learned A LOT just in the last few days of tutorials I've been studying! Needless to say, I'm excited to finish up my little engine that could project and drop the full version hopefully early next year. Will keep updating based on issues people find.
Hey I did a Let's Try of the game on my Twitch.

Here's the youtube vid.

Thanks for taking the time Hunting Swan, peoples commentary made me laugh lol I only regret not dropping the significantly smaller less buggy version earlier so you could play it :/
Where do I get the casing for the black power, I'm in the desart tower.
Where do I get the casing for the black power, I'm in the desart tower.

sorry for the delayed response! But if you haven't figured it out yet, you go in a counter-clockwise fashion through the tower, solving all of the puzzles along the way, and you'll get to those casings eventually!
Thanks for playing!
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