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Drim Donation Edition Released

Drim’s page now includes a Donation Edition for those who want to contribute to Romantic Effigy’s continued development.

Available here:

I want to stress that this is not a premium version of the game, it is namely meant for those who want to donate. It does however, come with a small amount of bonus content. including:

A properly metadata-ed soundtrack.
A pseudo-artbook.
A free sketch commission from Romantic Effigy.

The artbook is really small right now but I’ll be adding to it over time and you won’t be charged for updates after purchasing the game.

Thanks for your support!


Patching Drim

Sorry about the SNAFU with Drim 1.0.3, everybody. As you may know, I tried a shove a sprint mechanic in at the last second, and it fundamentally broke the entire game. I hope it doesn't come as a disappointment, but rather than patch this, I've just gone back to using version 1.0.2 as the standard, as I'm busy with other projects like my next title. The game is still complete and fully playable: all that's missing is the sprint key.

Sorry again, and thanks for your support!

Progress Report

Drim 1.0.4 Patch

I'm aware that Drim 1.0.3 has a bug that makes a certain door impassable, and I've made a patch that fixes the problem, but I've been having internet problems lately that are keeping me from uploading it proper. I'm super sorry about the inconvenience. The patch is done, and will be uploaded as soon as I can get my lousy service to work enough.

Sorry again, and thanks for your interest in Drim.

Progress Report

1.0.3 Update

While there isn't much in the way of new content, Drim now supports a sprint function as to alleviate the irritation that is slow walk.
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