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An amazing game to a niche audience, and an average game to the rest.

  • Edus1998
  • 09/05/2016 07:29 AM
Drim is an interesting story driven horror game which serves as an amazing experience for horror mystery enthusiasts, and a somewhat average game for those who are not.
The story tells us of a young girl called Scoria, who must attempt to find a way out of a strange school like building that she barricaded herself into, and try find her way back home. This simple objective coupled with various hints of a story scattered throughout the game perfectly emulates a a feeling of unease and heavily implies something dreadful has happened, but has been repressed by Scoria.

The game starts with Scoria ( Our playable character ) explaining that she was running, though she doesn't know what from, and has barricaded herself into this strange building which somewhat resembles a school. As she roams the halls in an attempt to find her way back home and escape from the building, she finds snippets of information about the events that have unfolded, and fights off grotesque creatures which seem like they crawled straight out of a forensics’ nightmare. The game itself lacks purely immersive gameplay, but more than compensates for this with its atmosphere and general feel of the game. Instead of opting for more tradition horror music and atmosphere, strange distorted noises play softly and erratically throughout the entire game, giving a sense of not only fear and anticipation but of unease, making the players uncomfortable whilst exploring the halls of the building, but forcing them to do so driven by their curiosity. Drim has a few glitches but none with greatly hinder gameplay or make the game experience less enjoyable.

The biggest issue with Drim as well as it’s biggest plus is the story. Drim’s story is incredibly hidden and requires a lot of out of the box thinking and analysing to even begin to understand the events which have occurred. For enthusiasts of this sort of game, this is bliss,spending hours speculating on the smallest of details and trying to find clues where this nothing in an attempt to paint the entire picture. however for most gamers who simply want a fun/scary game experience and wish to play through the story, it is very frustrating and generally confusing for the most of the game. this requirement of reading in-between the lines is something that cannot simply be overlooked and creates a negative experience to people who aren’t interested in spending up to hours simply trying to connect these points together. Despite of this I don’t believe this is the fault of bad story telling and simply the creator trying to create the game to a rather niche audience rather than simply overlooking the issue.

I believe Drim makes great use of it’s potential and is a very interesting game to play. The story ( if you have the time and effort ) is very deep and generally satisfying to piece together. The art style is very unique and uncanny and combined with the non-traditional music creates a unique experience which though has it’s flaws is a brilliant game.

(That being said the nature of this game will make many people dislike it, the target audience is very small and a large portion of players wont find the game very enjoyable whatsoever )